Watch the Golden Buzzer get pressed on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars

Heidi Klum Music Awards
Heidi Klum is back as one of the judges for America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. Pic credit: ©

The Golden Buzzer got pressed during the season premiere of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars on Monday night.

With this new incarnation from the AGT franchise, 60 spectacular acts from the past have been brought back to compete for $500,000.

Nearly all of the acts will be immediately recognizable to AGT Superfans, including the 10 acts from the first episode.

Some of the acts have also had a lot of success overseas, so they have now been given a shot on the big stage in front of Simon Cowell.

The way it works is that 10 acts perform on each of the first six episodes, with the Superfans sending one act through each night. The judges (and host Terry Crews) also have the option to press their Golden Buzzer and send someone straight to the finals.

On the first episode of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, it was the Bello Sisters that got the support of the Superfans and an automatic spot in the finals.

Who got the Golden Buzzer on AGT: All-Stars?

Light Balance kids returned after appearing on Season 14 of AGT, and they wowed the judges and the studio audience.

Howie Mandel was so impressed that he smashed the Golden Buzzer after the performance took place. He then told them that they were his favorite act to ever be on the show.

Take a look at the full performance by Light Balance Kids that is shared below, including the moment where Howie presses his Golden Buzzer for this season.

More to come from AGT this winter

A lot of fans took notice that there was a judge missing, and here is why Sofia Vergara was absent.

Moving forward, another group of 10 acts will perform on the January 9 episode of AGT-All-Stars. At least one additional act will get a pass straight to the finals, where they could be joined by another performer if Simon, Heidi Klum, or Terry press their Golden Buzzers.

Once the smoke has cleared after the first six episodes, the Superfans will get to select a wild card entry as a finalist, just in case a really good act from one of the earlier episodes needs to get a second chance at glory.

Maybe the Superfans will go with magician Lioz Shem Tov? His opening night performance is shared below.

Upcoming acts still to perform on this new installment of AGT include rapper Tone the Chiefrocca, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, and magician Dustin Tavella.

America’s Got Talent: All-Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.

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