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Watch as Vinny Guadagnino pranks his Jersey Shore castmates in the silliest way

Vinny Guadagnino talks about his Jersey Shore hook ups alongside Pauly D
Vinny Guadagnino pulls silly prank on his Jersey Shore roommates Pic credit: MTV

Vinny Guadagnino and the cast of Jersey Shore love a good prank.

Vinny and his costar Pauly DelVecchio even host the show Revenge Prank on MTV where they help people prank their loved ones.

The cast of Jersey Shore has been known to pull pranks on one another over the last several years. Vinny and Pauly often refer to themselves as the “Prank War Champions” due to the number of times they have successfully pranked their roommates.

Many of the pranks have been done while filming but it looks like they’ve continued to trick each other off-screen as well.

Recently, Vinny took the opportunity to play a joke on his roommates and posted the silly prank on TikTok.

Vinny pranks his roommates

Vinny decided to take part in the “I’m busy right now” trend that several people have done on TikTok.

The popular prank involves calling people only to tell them that you can’t talk because you’re too busy.

Vinny tried the prank out on his roommates and made a video call to each of them individually. When they answered, he told them he was busy and couldn’t talk and asked if he could call them later.

His costars reactions were hilarious and while some were confused about who called who, others laughed it off as a typical thing Vinny would do. Snooki even hilariously told Vinny he could not call her back, and looked to be in the middle of some relaxation with a glass of wine.

Watch the video below for the roommate’s different reactions.

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#imbusyrightnow featuring the cast of the @jerseyshore … ? ? ?

♬ original sound – vinnyguadagnino

Vinny gets pranked by Deena

While Vinny might be great at pulling off a good prank, he was on the opposite end of the joke when Deena Cortese decided to trick him and the other boys on a recent episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

The boys had worked hard for the last several weeks in hopes of getting Deena and Angelina to make amends and move on from the wedding drama.

After they finally convinced the two of them to sit down for a family dinner, the boys made a rule that no one was allowed to bring up the wedding or say the word “speech.”

Everything was perfect until Vinny made a comment and said the dreaded word.

The next day, Angelina and Deena had breakfast together and put their differences aside.

After making amends, they thought it was the perfect opportunity to prank the boys.

Deena showed up at the gym where the boys were working out and told them that the drama was too much for her and she had her husband book her a flight home. She mentioned to Vinny that his comment about the speech seemed intentional and she couldn’t handle it anymore.

Vinny looked like he was ready to cry as everyone then blamed him for Deena’s decision to leave. Soon after, Deena and Angelina returned to the gym and revealed that it was a prank the whole time.

The group had a good laugh, and a new “Prank War Champion” emerged for the day.

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With plenty of episodes still left in the current season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, there’s a good chance that more pranks are still yet to come.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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