Was Maci Bookout being too harsh with Ryan Edwards on this season of Teen Mom OG?

Maci Bookout
Maci Bookout is harsh towards Ryan. Pic credit: MTV

Maci Bookout sat down with Dr. Drew during last night’s Teen Mom OG reunion special, where she opened up about her legal decisions in regards to Ryan Edwards. Throughout the year, Maci had a no-contact order in place, which kept Ryan at a distance as he continued to deal with jail time, the legal system, and rehab.

On the reunion special, she claimed that it had been the best year possible because she didn’t have to deal with Ryan or how Ryan interacted with Bentley. But when Ryan went on stage, it was revealed that he felt that Maci was holding him back from having a relationship with his son. He also hinted that it didn’t matter what Maci called Ryan to Bentley, whether it was friend or uncle. He would always be Bentley’s father.

On Twitter, Maci was slammed for being too harsh on Ryan. Dr. Drew asked her to give him a second chance to explain himself while sober, but she felt she had given him plenty of chances. One person slammed Maci for laughing during the season’s replays, as Ryan was struggling with addiction and seeing a friend get killed in prison.

Maci has previously been slammed for not being sensitive to what Ryan is going through. She was slammed for drinking too much beer while being judgmental in terms of Ryan’s addiction issues.

As Monsters & Critics has previously reported, Maci was slammed for pushing a vasectomy on her husband, Taylor McKinney. He wasn’t quite sure it was the best solution for him as he wanted more children. And fans thought it was wrong of her to push such a big decision on him. But Maci felt it was justified, given she was dealing with PCOS and didn’t want to put more hormones in her body.

Teen Mom OG airs next Monday at 9/8c on MTV.

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