Was Kanye West’s presidential run the ‘final straw’ for Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian may have been driven to divorce after Kanye West ran for president.
Kim Kardashian may have been driven to divorce after Kanye West ran for president. Pic credit:

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly on the brink of divorce, and it turns out that Kanye’s 2020 Presidential campaign may have been the last straw for their relationship.

A source tells Page Six that Kim’s actions during Kanye’s campaign made it clear that their relationship was in trouble.

“She never came out publicly and endorsed him. Her silence on it spoke volumes,” the source explains.

Kanye’s more recent public appearances were politically-motivated.

At one point, Kanye endorsed President Donald Trump in a rant that left fans concerned over his mental health.

He later announced that he would be running for President himself.

Kanye ran under the “Birthday Party” and only accrued 60,000 votes out of 160 million.

Despite the failed attempt at running for President, Kanye hinted that he may run again in 2024.

While Kanye’s campaign may have been the final push, another source clarifies.

“This isn’t about one thing. There are things that have accumulated over time and created distance between them,” the source says.

Kim wants to protect her kids

While Kim and Kanye have not confirmed their divorce, many sources say it’s inevitable.

The main reason Kim has reportedly been stalling on the divorce is because of her kids.

However, Kim has reportedly come to realize that divorce would be the healthiest thing for her family.

Another source tells Page Six that Kim “needed to end the marriage for the sake of her kids and her own sanity.”

“Kim was really supportive of Kanye during his struggle with his mental health,” the source continues. “But she knows she has to do the right thing for her kids.”

Is Kim dating anyone?

Despite rumors that Kim is with CNN’s Van Jones, Kim is not ready to put herself back on the market.

Fans suspected they might be dating because of their shared interests in criminal justice. Additionally, the two have been spotted together on several occasions.

“She’s not dating anyone because, if she were, it would be a career move,” another source tells the outlet. “She can’t go to restaurants now on dates and have paparazzi [due to the pandemic]. She can’t date quietly; she doesn’t even understand what that would be like.”

However, Kim isn’t necessarily trying to hide that her marriage with Kanye is over.

She recently posted a series of images in which she isn’t wearing her wedding ring.

She posted the pics to promote her shapewear Skims. Fans were quick to point out that her wedding ring was nowhere in sight.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns to E! in 2021.

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