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Was Jen Shah upset at Heather Gay for saying in her confessional that she was afraid of her?

Heather Gay reveals where she stands with Jen Shah.
Heather Gay reveals where she stands with Jen Shah. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay reveals if she and her costar and close friend, Jen Shah were on good terms after she claimed she was scared of Jen.

Heather appeared on Watch What Happens Live with costar Meredith Marks following the latest RHOSLC episode.

There has been plenty of drama on RHOSLC surrounding who is and isn’t afraid of Jen.

Some of her costars have denied being afraid of Jen, but Heather openly admitted it.

This prompted WWHL host Andy Cohen to ask Heather whether admitting she was afraid of Jen impacted her friendship with her.

“No. I think she knows I’m afraid of her,” Heather responds. “I think it’s obvious. I think that was not news to her at all.”

Heather admits she’s afraid of Jen

Heather admitted she was afraid of Jen when she and Whitney Rose met with her at the spa. Heather then explained why she’s afraid.

“I’m terrified of losing our friendship,” Heather confessed. “I’m not terrified of fighting. I’m not terrified of bringing it to you but I’m terrified of you being like ‘Girl, you’re done. I’m with Meredith and Lisa.’ And I have been just swallowing it because it’s more important for me to be your friend than it is for me to be heard.”

Heather then reflected during her confessional and explained why she’s so afraid that speaking up will ruin her relationships.

“I have major PTSD from my whole marriage because I’m just kind of the put-up-and-shut-up girl, and then when I finally decide it’s too much and put my foot down…Billy left me and I’m assuming when I do that with Jen she’ll leave me too,” Heather expressed.

Are Jen’s other costars afraid of her?

Jen’s enemy Mary Cosby expressed that her friends haven’t been standing up for her because they’re afraid of Jen.

Mary told Whitney that their costars Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow directly told her that they’re afraid of Jen.

When Whitney brought this up to Jen, she lost her mind and threw a glass at her husband’s surprise party.

More importantly, Meredith and Lisa vehemently denied that they ever claimed to be afraid of Jen.

Fans have noticed that Jen has had a very volatile personality. Some love her for it. Some have condemned her for it.

Others wonder if she’s genuinely always this explosive or if she puts it on for the camera. Jen recently confessed that she is being 100% authentic and if anything, is even more extra off-camera.

So far, Heather is the only one who has confessed to being afraid of Jen but that might change after the RHOSLC reunion.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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