Was Garrett Miller fired from Siesta Key? See why fans think so

Siesta Key's Garrett Miller and Kenna Quesenberry.
Fans think Garrett Miller might have been fired from Siesta Key. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key star Garrett Miller has had a lot of excitement going on in his life lately.

He’s been happily dating Kenna Quesenberry, and the two recently got engaged this past fall.

Despite some unwelcomed opinions from a few of his friends, the two of them appear to be extremely happy together, and she fits right in with the cast.

Since dating Kenna, Garrett has managed to avoid a lot of the drama that has gone on with the show.

While fans are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see Garrett and Kenna plan their wedding on the show, it looks like they may not get the chance to, as it appears Garrett may have been fired from Siesta Key.

Was Garrett Miller fired from Siesta Key?

Siesta Key fans haven’t been seeing a lot of Garrett Miller so far this season.

He was completely missing from the first episode and has only appeared in small scenes since then.

In one of those scenes, he and Kenna talked about dealing with the haters when it came to their relationship as Kenna continued to struggle with Garrett’s best friend, Will.

Fans wondered why Garrett wasn’t appearing much, and it seems they might have gotten their answer.

An MTV reality TV gossip page recently shared an Instagram interaction between Garrett and one of his friends.

The friend went on a rant and made it seem as though Garrett had been let go by MTV.

He wrote, “I just don’t get it. This kid came from nothing. Nothing was given to him. Everything he has today came from hard work and perseverance. He treats everyone with respect and dignity. He doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t act like a spoiled rich brat fighting over “insignificant childish stupidity” …like Ive seen others on the show.”

He continued, “You wont find a more humbler down to earth person than Garrett. Its your loss [Siesta Key MTV]. Stupid move. Keep being you G. Proud of you kid. Best is yet to come.”

Garrett simply replied with a heart emoji.

Siesta Key fans react to Garrett Miller’s possible firing

Upon seeing the interaction, Siesta Key fans chimed in to share their opinion of why Garrett may have been fired from the show.

One fan thought that he didn’t fit the narrative anymore now that he “moved out of dating someone in the crew.”

A second shared their disappointment as they “would have loved to see the show film some of their wedding planning” and shared that it was nice seeing a “normal happy couple” on the show.

A third suspected that it could be “because he’s the only one with no drama” but thought the possible firing was a “blessing in disguise” for their relationship.

Fans react to Garrett's possible Siesta Key firing.
Pic credit: @mtv_reality_teaa/Instagram

MTV has not made any type of official announcement, nor has Garrett elaborated any further about what’s going on.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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