VPR: Katie Maloney shades Tom Sandoval after appearance on WWHL, says ‘I never begged’

Katie Maloney and Tom Sandoval
Katie Maloney threw shade at her Vanderpump Rules co-star Tom Sandoval after his recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Pic credit: Bravo

Katie Maloney’s beef with co-star Tom Sandoval rages on after his recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The two have continuously butted heads throughout Season 9 and the majority of it stems from Katie’s desire to be a part of his new business venture with his best friend (and Katie’s husband) Tom Schwartz.

Sandoval has maintained that Katie should stay out of the business, however, she feels that her experience would be an asset to them.

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During a recent rant on social media, Katie called out Sandoval’s latest digs at her and shared her side of the saga.

Katie lashes out at Sandoval for questioning her restaurant experience

After Sandoval alleged that Katie only wanted a piece of their new business venture to further her Season 9 storyline, he doubled down again during his WWHL appearance and Katie wasn’t having it.

“Alright, so we’re gonna clear something up,” Katie opened.

She then delved into Sandoval’s comment of “not knowing what goes on” in Park City, Utah where Katie is from — and she did not mince her words.

Katie clarified that her mother owned a restaurant for “many years” and that she began working for the restaurant when she was 13. However, Katie also stated that she hasn’t lived in Utah for sixteen years so she wouldn’t even know what was happening in her home state.

“The point is…what’s your point?” She questioned.

Screenshot from Katie Maloney's IG stories.
Pic credit: @musickillskate/Instagram

Sandoval and Katie play a game of he said, she said over business with new bar

Katie’s rant deepens further when she carried on to address Sandoval’s other recent claim that she used the new bar for her Season 9 Vanderpump Rules storyline.

During a chat on the No Filter with Zack Peter podcast, Sandoval claimed that Katie called him up asking his permission to tell the Vanderpump Rules producers that she would be part of the new business as a means of creating a storyline for herself.

“…it’s always great when you’re involved with more things because then you can film more, that’s the way it is,” he said.

However, Katie refuted those claims in her Instagram Stories and instead alleged she had talked to Sandoval without any mention of the show.

“Oh, and while we’re here let’s talk about another thing that he tried to discredit me on,” Katie said. “When he said I tried to use him for a storyline — which was a lie.”

According to Katie, she texted Sandoval asking to speak with him months before shooting for Season 9 was even set to begin.

“He said I called him for the first time in months, not true. I texted him December 7th…happens to be a year ago today, that’s adorable,” she quipped.

Katie continued to explain that the conversation revolves around a role that she could play.

“I said [to Sandoval], ‘Hey, I’ve been talking to Tom (Schwartz) about this bar and I really would like to be a part of it. And actually not just for a storyline.’ And this is why I’m a little, little irritated. Because I said, ‘not just for a storyline,’ okay?”

Katie then stated that she never “begged” to be part of the bar, but instead wanted to put her skills to use.

“I was down to train staff. I said, ‘Let’s talk about a position that makes sense. I was down to collaborate on an idea that made sense for me obviously.”

“But like, Sandoval, bro. Stop treating me like I’m some thirsty b***h. Bro. Come on,” she concluded.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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