Vanderpump Rules: Katie Maloney-Schwartz reveals how she really feels about co-star Tom Sandoval

VPR star Katie Maloney-Schwartz
Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney-Schwartz had a few compliments for Tom Sandoval despite their on-screen drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Katie Maloney-Schwartz has a serious love/hate relationship with co-star Tom Sandoval. The two have managed to consistently butt heads over the years, and Season 9 is proving to be no different.

Currently, Sandoval and Katie are at odds over his newest business venture with his BFF (and Katie’s husband) Tom Schwartz. The two men have decided to strike out on their own with this venture and aren’t enlisting the help of SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump or her husband Ken Todd.

Before the premiere episode had even aired, Vanderpump Rules viewers got a glimpse at the drama ahead for the co-stars. It seems most of the tension stems from Katie being too involved with the new bar. In one particular clip from the teaser trailer, Katie yells that Sandoval needs to start listening to her husband’s ideas.

Well, in a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Katie was forced to answer some sensitive questions about her feelings for Tom Sandoval.

Katie gets honest about her feelings and friendship with Vanderpump Rules co-star Tom Sandoval

While appearing on WWHL with Lala Kent, the spotlight was put on Katie and her friendship with Sandoval. Andy didn’t shy away from the tension and instead decided it would be fun to play a game where Katie was forced to say nice things about Sandoval instead.

During the game where Andy tried to find out if Katie was “secretly sweet on Sandy,” he asked her why Schwartz was lucky to have Sandoval as a friend.

Although it took a moment to think, Katie ultimately admitted that Sandoval goes “above and beyond” for his friends.

And the compliments didn’t end there. Katie also shared that she admired Sandoval’s attention to detail when it came to executing his signature fashion looks, his flair when it comes to bartending, and even admitted that she’s jealous of the fire pit that Sandoval and Ariana Madix have in their backyard.

The one area where Katie was unable to come up with something positive to say about Sandoval, funnily enough, was when she was asked what he had taught her about business.

“I can’t think of anything,” she chuckled.

Sandoval has serious love for Katie too

Despite their ongoing on-screen tension, Sandoval openly admits that he also cares deeply for Katie. She’s not just his best friend’s wife, she’s also his friend.

During his appearance on WWHL, Sandoval and Schwartz cleared the air about their drama.

A WWHL viewer asked Sandoval why he couldn’t just “man up” and be “cordial” with Katie, and that prompted Sandoval to get defensive in his treatment of her.

“What do you mean?” he asked, clearly surprised by the question. “We take vacations together!”

He continued stating, “We love each other, man. We have very strong personalities. So yeah, like, we do butt heads, but I frickin’ love Katie, dude. I love Katie so much.”

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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