Vanderpump Rules: Fans blame Tom Sandoval’s ego for wild new bar ideas, call him ‘naive’

VPR star Tom Sandoval.
Vanderpump Rules viewers bash Tom Sandoval’s ideas and his ego over new bar. Pic credit: ©

Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules has focused heavily on Tom Sandoval’s newest business venture with his business partner and BFF Tom Schwartz.

The new bar concept has been as polarizing for the Vanderpump Rules fans as it has been for the cast, and if Sandoval’s newest set of ideas is any indication of the direction they’re looking to take, fans aren’t taking too kindly to the ideas.

Fans and co-stars conflicted over Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s bar name

Sandoval started the new season off with a bang when he suggested that the name for their new bar should be Schwartz and Sandy’s.

Sandoval tested the name with SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump since her opinion is important to them. Although Sandoval and Schwartz opted not to include Lisa or her husband Ken Todd in their new business, it’s clear her opinion still holds plenty of weight in their eyes.

Lisa wasn’t sold on the name and neither was Schwartz’s wife, Katie Maloney-Schwartz. However, despite Katie’s claims that Sandoval was “steamrolling” Schwartz into agreeing on the name, the pair confirmed that they’ve decided to move forward with the controversial name regardless.

The ongoing tension has had Vanderpump Rules fans feeling as though Schwartz isn’t given a fair say in the business decisions. And those opinions only strengthened when Sandoval revealed his latest set of ideas.

Vanderpump Rules viewers bash Sandoval’s ideas

While Sandoval continuously seems stoked by his own ideas and claims he wanted to complete this venture without Lisa’s intervention in order to maintain more creative control, Vanderpump Rules viewers are questioning his decision-making abilities.

In a Reddit thread entitled “Sandoval shouldn’t have full creative control and the new bar is just an ego project,” fans and critics weighed in with opinions of their own.

“I don’t understand why you would add steps to a restaurant/bar. Wouldn’t that be a tripping hazard?” wrote one user.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Tom Sandoval's new bar.
Pic credit: @u/LeftyLu07/Reddit

Yet another user pointed out that opening another bar with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic isn’t the smartest idea.

“There’s a WHOLE PANDEMIC going on and they saw firsthand what it did to TomTom. It’s incredibly naive.”

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Tom Sandoval's new bar.
Pic credit: @u/eleanor-rigby-/Reddit

However, some also wonder if it’s more about his ego than it is about the business venture.

“Every season he gets worse and his ego inflates more. I feel bad for anyone financially involved in this bar. Seems like a great way to go in debt. Oh, and about that home equity loan, yikes…” one commenter wrote.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Tom Sandoval's new bar.
Pic credit: @u/LetsBriReal/Reddit

Another said, “Sandy [Tom Sandoval] just wants his bar to beat tomtoms sales so he can tell lvp [Lisa Vanderpump] his ideas were money she left on the table. He should stay in his lane and make drinks.”

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Tom Sandoval's new bar.
Pic credit: @u/ElDeeDubya/Reddit

Vanderpump Rules fans and viewers will have to wait and see how the new business unfolds, but there’s sure to be plenty more drama along the way.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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