Victoria Paul reveals if she wants children 

Victoria Paul
Victoria Paul answers fans’ questions. Pic credit: ABC 

Victoria Paul developed a fan base after appearing on The Bachelor Season 24.

Victoria often engages with her followers on social media.

Recently, Victoria took time to answer fans’ personal questions about herself, including whether she sees children in her future

Victoria Paul speaks out about wanting to adopt 

Victoria Paul took to her Instagram stories and asked her 217k followers, “what do you want to know?”

One fan was curious about whether Victoria wanted children, writing, “Do you see having kids in your future?

Victoria responded with a photo of herself and a child at a desk, writing, “yes!!! i love kids so much! sometimes i just stare at my niece and could cry i love her so much.”

Victoria added, “Regardless of what the future looks like, I 110% see myself adopting out of the system.” 

The former Miss USA contestant appears confident she’ll be adopting children one day, whether married or not. 

Victoria Paul with a child
Pic credit: @victorianpaul/Instagram 

Victoria Paul shares how she deals with heartbreak 

While some of the questions that Victoria received were more lighthearted, others were heavier.

One fan wanted to know “how to deal with heartbreak.“ 

Victoria replied with a photo of her notebook where she appeared to have composed a letter to God, declaring her trust and admitting her hurt. 

Victoria wrote to the questioner, “give yourself permission to feel and be broken,” adding, “i believe “if you don’t deal with it, you bury it” and while I know it’s hard to think about the days to come, your future self and your forever person will be soooo grateful you did.” 

Victoria Paul notebook
Pic credit: @victorianpaul/Instagram 

Victoria experienced heartbreak herself while a part of The Bachelor franchise. 

Making her debut on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, Victoria seemed to have hope that she and Peter could be the one for each other.

However, Peter began to question Victoria’s sincerity, and he chose to send her home. The move appeared to blindside Victoria, who quickly took offense to the elimination. 

Victoria returned to the franchise as a member of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 cast, however, this time she was the heartbreaker as she feigned interest in James Bonsall on the island and continually forgot his name. 

Victoria then was exposed by her The Bachelor and BIP costars Tammy Ly and Kelsey Weier when they revealed that she allegedly had a boyfriend back home.

While Victoria has had some rocky moments within The Bachelor franchise, she appears hopeful for her future, and it seems that the future will likely include children one day. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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