Victoria Larson’s mugshot resurfaces as she continues to be the villain on The Bachelor

Victoria Larson
Victoria Larson’s past comes back to haunt her. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Victoria Larson is the villain on this season with Matt James.

When she introduced herself to Matt and the women, she revealed she was the queen and no one could compare to her.

Throughout filming, viewers have criticized her because of everything she’s saying on the show.

And on Episode 2, Victoria continued to attach Sarah Prott for what she was going through.

Victoria clearly wanted answers and it made her look like a bully.

Victoria Larson was arrested back in 2012

But it sounds like there was something going on with Victoria that she was hiding.

According to Page Six, Victoria was arrested back in 2012. She was arrested for shoplifting for over $250 worth of items from a Publix grocery store in Tallahassee, Florida.

Victoria Larson
Pic credit: Tallahassee Police Department

She reportedly trying to steal more than 25 items, including makeup products. Apparently, a security guard and surveillance cameras caught Victoria putting the product in a plastic bag.

When she went to check out, she paid for the items in her cart but not in the bag.

Victoria reportedly denied the actions first but later admitted to them after realizing she had been caught on tape. She was arrested and taken to Leon County jail for two days.

Her bond was set at $500 and was charged with petit theft. Two months later, in 2012, she accepted a plea deal, where she was ordered to serve six months probation.

Victoria also had to pay back hundreds of dollars in fees and had to attend theft awareness classes.

Nothing has been said about this situation on The Bachelor.

Victoria Larson came across as the villain on The Bachelor

Victoria had already gotten the villain label before the shoplifting story surfaced.

The Bachelor viewers were not fans of her after Episode 2 as she seemed to anger the other women with her comments about herself and Matt. She continued to call herself a queen.

And she confused members of Bachelor Nation as well.

Mike Johnson has revealed that Victoria is like Kanye West as she was acting wild for no apparent reason. He understood acting weird with a purpose, but he can’t seem to understand why Victoria is acting out.

Fans believe that producers planted her on the show for the sake of ratings and Matt is being asked to keep her around.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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