Victoria Fuller may just have confirmed that she’s an item with Chris Soules

Victoria Fuller
Did Victoria Fuller just confirm her relationship with Chris Soules? Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are a hot topic during this quarantine. The two are spending time together in Iowa.

However, they haven’t confirmed anything to fans. Victoria has sent out hints online, including tagging herself in Chris’ hometown.

Fuller and Soules have both been part of the Bachelor process, but there were several years between their journeys.

Now, fans are wondering whether these two are trying for a romance, and they want answers.

Based on new posts online, it sounds like Victoria may be confirming that she and Chris are an item. She’s also rather flirty online.

Victoria Fuller is sending some interesting signals on social media

Victoria was caught commenting on Instagram.

She was writing to someone named John, asking him to grill some shrimp for V&C. She’s referring to herself and Chris, and she signed it off xoxo.

Vic and Chris
Victoria on Instagram. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

The interaction was caught by @bachelorteaspill, who questioned whether this was a confirmation that they are a couple or just a quarantine fling.

Victoria Fuller’s relationship with Chris Soules caught everyone by surprise

When the news broke about Victoria and Chris, fans were shocked. Many didn’t believe that they were hanging out until Reality Steve revealed he had confirmation they were together at Chris’s farm in Iowa.

It took a few days after the news broke before Victoria decided to post from his Arlington home.

She posted a photo she captioned “farm life,” where she posed on one of his tables in a silk dress. While Chris has said nothing about Fuller being at his home, she has been more open about her being there.

A few days after the news broke about them being together, a timeline started to surface. Chris supposedly slid into her DMs in early April, and she went there once the country started going into quarantine.

Since she isn’t talking about her time there, she could be hiding out there until the quarantine is lifted, and she has to go back to work. Before quarantine, Victoria was living in Virginia Beach with her dog.

Based on the few posts, she does appear to love the farm life with Chris. Maybe he has finally found his forever love, years after his time on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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