Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s love is the real deal — Here’s how we know

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo hug each other in a selfie
Victoria Fuller lets Greg Grippo do her makeup in new video. Pic credit: @greggrippo/Instagram

While some of Bachelor Nation may still be on the fence about Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s relationship, their latest video may have just done the trick to officially sway some minds.

In a sweet “get ready with me” style clip, Victoria started with a fresh face and allowed Greg to take the reins and do her makeup. While Greg is clearly no professional makeup artist, the video was surely sweet along the way.

With Victoria in a luxury robe, Greg started off by pinning her hair back with two barrettes. “Good job, babe,” she remarked. “We’re off to a great start.”

After announcing that he was first going in with a foundation made by the brand Charlotte Tilbury, the two laughed as Greg clearly had no idea where to apply the product. He continued to use a beauty blender and put a few dabs of concealer underneath her eyes, to which Victoria joked, “I look like a f**king clown.”

Victoria continued to cheer him on, telling him he was doing a good job while still laughing at where he applied some of the products — specifically a vertical line of contour in the middle of her forehead.

After applying more products, Victoria asked Greg what his favorite and least favorite things about her were.

“I love that you challenge me in the best of ways,” Greg replied before saying he doesn’t love it when she hasn’t gotten enough sleep in the morning.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo share an adorable GRWM video

The video had no shortage of sweet moments between the couple, including a quick kiss as Greg fixed the liner he had applied to Victoria’s lips.

At the end of the TikTok, Greg told Victoria that she looked great, to which she replied, “Absolutely slayed babe.”


grwm while my bf does my makeup?

♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

The two have not been shy to show off their relationship on social media since first announcing it during the Season 8 Bachelor in Paradise reunion last fall.

They were even quick to drop the “L word,” which they shared publicly shortly after the reunion in an Instagram post.

Since then, the couple has continued to travel and share more important moments together, further proving their relationship to be the real deal over the past few months.

Why were some Bachelor in Paradise viewers on the fence about Victoria and Greg?

Season 8 Bachelor in Paradise viewers formerly watched Victoria develop a strong connection with fellow cast mate Johnny DePhillipo, who ended up proposing to her during the show’s finale.

As the season was airing during the October and November months, rumors started to spread as Victoria and Greg were caught spending time together and sending flirty comments on Instagram. Greg previously appeared on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette and decided not to proceed on Bachelor in Paradise.

The situation confused many viewers, especially since they were watching Victoria and Johnny fall in love on their television screens.

However, after much speculation, Victoria and Greg confirmed their relationship after she and Johnny had hashed it out on stage at the reunion.

While some critics may have bashed their relationship, it seems they have not let that put a wedge in their relationship, which appears to be going stronger than ever.

Fans who want to hear more about Victoria and Greg’s relationship can tune in to her brand new podcast, Uncensored Saints, which launches on Tuesday, February 14.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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