Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are exclusively dating — but Bachelor fans remain confused about them together

Victoria and Chris Soules
Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are exclusively dating. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are a Bachelor couple that fans probably wouldn’t put together if asked to create a new Bachelor power couple.

But the two started seeing one another in all secrecy, something they were able to do thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and Chris being in the middle of nowhere in Iowa.

While the two have yet to confirm a romance, sources are speaking out, saying that these two are definitely dating.

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So, what’s the deal here? Are they dating in secret, or are they simply good friends?

Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules are dating, but fans are confused

Sources say that they are exclusively dating, which can explain her constant trips to Iowa. And while they appear to be happy, Bachelor fans are still confused about this pairing.

Victoria is a model from Virginia Beach, and she works as a sales rep. Chris is a farmer from Iowa, who likes to stay out of the spotlight. In fact, he rarely updates his Instagram.

The Instagram account @bachsleuthers hosted a poll, where Bachelor fans could chime in on the romance.

Victoria Fuller
Fans are confused about Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules. Pic credit: @bachsleuthers/Instagram

Thirty percent of fans thought they were cuties. Despite being an unlikely couple, it seems that Victoria has found her place on his farm.

But 70 percent of voters were still confused about this romance.

Given what fans saw on The Bachelor with Peter Weber, could Victoria really be a farm girl for life?

Victoria Fuller continues to tease her followers

For weeks, Victoria has teased her fans. The two were first confirmed to be together in Iowa in April, a few weeks after Chris supposedly slid into her DMs.

While Victoria has never posted a photo with Chris, she did tag herself as being in Arlington, Iowa — where his farm is.

The two had also posted pictures from the same truck, and both posted photos of them sitting outside by the fire when she visited previously.

Victoria had previously left Chris’ farm but was back there recently. While she didn’t share a video of Chris, a man’s leg can be seen in one video, where he’s driving a tractor.

Chris hasn’t said anything about a romance and has made every effort in hiding the romance.

He has even hidden it from his friends. Ben Higgins has revealed he is disappointed that Chris didn’t say anything about Victoria to him, as they are close friends.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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