Venus gets hilariously shaded by the Empire State Building after the Survivor 46 alum insulted its appearance

Venus Survivor Episode
Survivor 46 castaway Venus Vafa has been very active on social media. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Venus Vafa decided to take a shot at the Empire State Building, but it did not go well.

Since returning home from Survivor 46, Venus has been active on social media. She posts about many topics and addresses big moments on the show.

It will be interesting to hear how Venus reacts to the revelation of the Survivor 46 winner, but that comes later.

Early Wednesday morning, Venus began posting about the Empire State Building on social media, leading to an interesting back-and-forth.

The person running the X account (formerly Twitter) for the Empire State Building responded to Venus, leading to some fun online drama.

Venus is never one to back down from being challenged, and she has since upped the ante by paying compliments to Rockefeller Center.

Venus takes a shot at the Empire State Building and gets shaded in return

“The empire state building is lowkey ugly yall,” Venus posted on X.

It led to several responses from fans, and people who also tagged the account for the Empire State Building. But what came next was hilarious.

“How’s that idol treating you?” responded the X account for the Empire State Building.

The response referenced how Venus found a Hidden Immunity Idol on Survivor 46 but didn’t use it to save herself from being voted out.

A 102-story Art Deco skyscraper in Manhattan (New York City), the Empire State Building has become one of the most recognizable pieces of architecture.

The building opened in 1931 and has many visitors who come by to experience the observation decks or to check out the building from below.

Venus is one of the people who visited the structure recently but wasn’t impressed.

After the account for the building responded to her post, Venus denoted that she had seen it.

“Oh s*** you clocked me,” she responded to the comment.

Venus Survivor Empire State Building
A response to the Survivor 46 alum. Pic credit: @EmpireStateBldg/X

Venus returns with an image at Rockefeller Center

Later on Wednesday, Venus shared an image of herself smiling in front of Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Is she trying to create a war between the New York landmarks? Stay tuned!

More from Venus and Survivor 46

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Venus also stated that Ponderosa was “traumatizing” for her. Ponderosa is the place where castaways go after they have been voted off Survivor.

In additional news from the Survivor 46 cast: Kenzie Pretty revealed she is pregnant. She shared the great news about expecting a baby with her husband.

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