Varya Malina throws shade, unfollows Geoffrey Paschel after latest Instagram Live

Varya and Geoffrey from 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days
Varya could be done with Geoffrey for good after his latest stunt. Pic credit: TLC

Varya Malina has finally unfollowed Geoffrey Paschel after he was seen on Instagram Live partying with other women and it looks like this 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days romance is over.

There have been questions recently as 90 Day Fiance fans try to figure out of Geoffrey and Varya are still together or not following the end of the season. They weren’t at the Couples’ Tell All to finish up their story, likely due to the outcry from fans over Geoffrey’s history of domestic violence accusations and his active court case.

Monsters & Critics has previously reported that Geoffrey wasn’t likely still dating Varya or Mary after another woman produced receipts proving that she had been spending time with the controversial reality TV personality.

Geoffrey has made it known that he has slept with hundreds of women and has even made jokes recently that his “body count” has gone up.

After his latest antics were put on display on social media for thousands to view, it looks like Varya may be done for good.

Geoffrey Paschel parties with Domenick Nati on Instagram

On Saturday night, Domenick Nati teamed up with Geoffrey Paschel, Lisa Hamme and a handful of others during a get together that they shared on Instagram Live. The party was a little bit wild as the reality TV personalities enjoyed themselves and the attention of thousands who watched online.

Varya tuned in and then took aim at Geoffrey

Varya Malina tuned in and saw what Geoffrey Paschel was up to and she didn’t seem too pleased about it.

In the comments section of Domenick Nati’s post, she wrote, “Your lives are more real than the reality show. Thanks for showing the truth about people.”

Then, in response to a question about whether she was being positive or negative, Varya responded, “It’s all relative, what is positive for one could be negative for another.”

Varya Malina commented on Domenick Nati's video
Varya commented on Geoffrey and the party. Pic credit: @domnatishow/Instagram

Soon after, it was noticed that Varya is no longer following Geoffrey Paschel on Instagram.

Further proving that she was upset by what she saw during the Instagram Live party, Varya shared a new video to her Instagram stories the following morning. In it, she told her fans that she was in a bad mood, likening how she was feeling to the gloom and rain in the video.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently airing B90 Strikes Back on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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P. Clemens
P. Clemens
3 years ago

Apparently the other woman is someone named Erica Smith. There was a recent article on it, then someone asked her about it in her Instagram comments. How many woman is this now?! Smh..

3 years ago

Varya is well rid of him – he’s a jerk!

Carol Heablin
Carol Heablin
3 years ago

Love these to stay together