Geoffrey Paschel admits to sleeping with at least 500 women — over 100 of them by the time he was 18

Geoffrey Paschel says he has slept with 500 women
Geoffrey admitted to sleeping with 500 women. Pic credit: TLC

Geoffrey Paschel is giving 90 Day Fiance fans details on his sex life that they really didn’t want to know.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days alum engaged in a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ during an interview with Domenick Nati and things got a little raunchy.

During the game, the 41-year-old revealed a lot of personal information about his sexual preferences, sex toys and his favorite sexual positions.

The men even turned the game into a twisted version of strip poker- as fans sent in questions during the live video, Domenick and Geoffrey had to remove a piece of clothing if they had never participated in the act or if they passed on a question.

Geoffrey Paschel admits to having sex with 500 women

One question that the Tennessee native did not pass on was how many people he has had sex with.

According to him, it’s a whopping 500.

Host Domenick Nati was shocked by Geoffrey’s response. “That’s not true! you’ve had sex with 500 women?” he asked.

“Maybe a little more,” responded the TLC alum, “Is that bad?”

Domenick was quite shocked by the number. “You’re lying, 500 women?” he asked in disbelief.

Geoffrey stood firm in his answer and added more context to the situation.

He said, “I’m being 100 percent honest. I was with 100 women when I was 18 years old. Is that bad?”

But Domenick had trouble believing the outrageous number. “Bro are you being serious, 500?” he asked.

Geoffrey calls himself a w***e in NSFW video

As viewers began to send in their responses to Geoffrey’s shocking claim, Geoffrey exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, I’m a F***ing w***e!”

“You were with 100 women before you were 18?” a dumbfounded Domenick continued.

“Well,” Geoffrey replied,  “At 18 I counted 118.”

Some followers watching the live Instagram video were astonished at the number and sent messages blatantly calling the 90 Day Fiance alum a liar.

However, as outrageous as 500 might sound, Geoffrey did have some believers on his side. One fan said, “I believe 500 is accurate” while another asked, “were you working the corner?”

Despite the doubts, Geoffrey remains firm that the 500 number is correct.

As the game continued, the TLC star revealed some raunchy and totally TMI details about his sex life.

By the end of the game, Geoffrey was left in his underwear. But don’t take my word for it….see for yourself!

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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4 years ago

Geoffrey is just showing what a proud womanizing, misogynistic, narcissistic sociopath he is. Glad he thinks it’s funny. Absolutely disgusting.??

F You
F You
4 years ago

Disgusting man wh**e. Piece of garbage. Womanizer.