Vanderpump Rules: Can you still buy Witches of Weho wine?

Stassi, a friend, Katie, and Kristen at a red carpet event.
The Witches of Weho brand is still alive but the friendship isn’t. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Admedia

Vanderpump Rules fans are currently watching the deterioration of The Witches of Weho.

Kristen Doute, Stassi Schroeder, and Katie Maloney are no longer what they used to be. Things have not recovered as the episodes go on, which means it is unlikely that it will.

The Witches of Weho wine came up on last night’s episode during a confessional.

What is the Witches of Weho wine?

The Vanderpump Rules trio decided to launch their own wine. Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute decided to brand their wine with their nickname — The Witches of Weho.

After finding a partner and putting in all of the work, the women launched their first bottle. It was a pinot grigio and was toted as Potion No. 1.

From there, they also decided to do a rose bottle, which was then dubbed Potion No. 2.

Can you still buy the Witches of Weho wine?

Viewers who want to get a bottle of the Witches of Weho wine are in luck. The company that sells the wine still has Potion No. 2 (the rose) available for purchase.

Unfortunately, last week they announced that Potion No. 1 sold out.

In terms of production, there were 1,700 cases made of Potion No. 2, according to the website. Details about Potion No. 1 were not available because it sold out, but the numbers were likely similar.

Will Witches of Weho wine continue?

At this point, it looks like the two wines from the Witches of Weho line will be it.

The promotion of the product ceased among the women, which echoes the sentiment Stassi Schroeder had in her Vanderpump Rules confessional.

When this was filmed, Potion No. 2 was about to be released.

Kristen Doute expressed wanting help from Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney. With everything they had going on, it was a stressor on their friendship.

Once the Witches of Weho Potion No. 2 sells out, it will likely be the end of the road for their partnership.

Pulling out of the brand wouldn’t have done any good, so until the wine sells out, they are stuck together. Stassi Schroeder did say that once the contracts expire, she would be done.

Seeing the Witches of Weho friendship fall apart has been difficult for some Vanderpump Rules viewers.

As Kristen Doute gets pushed out of the circle of friends and Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney continue together, there are so many feelings.

The end of the Witches of Weho came too soon.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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