Unpolished star Lexi Martone shows off goth style in a post inspired by Cher

The cast of TLC's Unpolished.
The cast of TLC’s Unpolished includes Lexi, Brie, and Jennifer Martone. Foxy Grandma and Matt Mancuso also appear. Pic Credit: TLC

Lexi Martone of TLC’s Unpolished showed off her unique goth style in a new Instagram post that paid homage to a family icon, Cher.

A new upload showed the nail artist as she walked up the long driveway that led to her mother Jennifer and late father Mike‘s home.

In the caption of the post, Lexi quoted lyrics from Cher’s 1998 song “Strong Enough.” These read, “There’s no more to say. So save your breath and walk away.”

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In the image, Lexi wore her long, dark hair fashioned into its usual style of heavy and full bangs with the addition of long black and blue extensions.

She wore an off-the-shoulder cropped top with silver accents. Her midriff was exposed. Lexie’s lower body was covered by a black miniskirt with a floor-length tulle overlay.

On her feet were a striking pair of calf-high iridescent blue combat boots. In Lexie’s right hand she held a skull purse.

Fans of the stunning reality television star adored both her look and her commentary.

Viewers show their support for Lexie

The Martone women of Unpolished.
Lexi, Foxy Grandma, Bria and Jennifer Martone pose for a family photo shared with Instagram. Pic Credit: Instagram/Lexi Martone

Fans of the 26-year-old loved Lexi’s upload and the way she owns her unique style.

“You are slaying as always, I freaking love you so much,” wrote one Instagram follower.

“Literately how I’m feeling right now,” a second fan commented.

“Has this Cher-fest been going on since I saw you last???!” wrote a friend of the reality star. In return, Lexie commented,” Yes, all Cher, everyday.”

Just how much has Cher influenced the Martone girls?

A Cher impersonator entertained the guests at Bria and Matt’s wedding reception in September 2020. Pic credit: YouTube/Unpolished

The family’s love for the iconic female singer is boundless. During the Season 2 finale episode of Unpolished, Bria and Lexie were shocked when they realized Jennifer had hired a Cher impersonator to perform at Bria and Matt’s wedding reception held in September 2020 at Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York.

In a corresponding clip aired during the finale episode titled Castles and Dragons, Jennifer sat down to tell TLC’s cameras about the family’s love for the iconic singer, actress and performer.

“My kids have been singing Cher probably since they were three,” Jennifer said. She was seated alongside Lexi and Bria as she spoke to viewers.

“We know every word to every song. Every single one,” she admitted.

When a producer asked the trio off-camera if Cher was the only thing they could agree on, they answered “yes” in unison.

Unpolished is currently off the air on TLC.

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