Tyler Cameron’s photo in bed has people seeing another person and panties under a pillow

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron posted a photo this weekend that is causing quite the stir. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron remains in quarantine at his home in Jupiter, Florida.

But Hannah Brown is no longer with him.

She lived with him for a few weeks as the country shut down, but went back to Alabama to her family about a week ago.

Now, some fans seem to believe that Tyler has replaced Hannah with another woman.

The evidence? A single photo on Instagram and someone is instigating the whole thing.

Tyler Cameron’s photo has fans seeing another woman and panties

It only took one person to share a single statement for people to see things in a photo that may not even be there.

Over the weekend, Monsters & Critics reported that Lauren Zima had commented on Tyler’s photo, explaining that she saw a messy bed and hinted that someone had been sleeping beside Cameron.

At the time, fans thanked her for her investigative work and wondered what could have happened after Hannah left.

But now, after two days, fans are seeing much more than Tyler and his dog in bed.

One person seems to think that someone is sitting in the bed. On the right-hand side of the photo, there’s a blue triangle that could be the shirt of someone leaning forward.

“There is someone sitting up right at the edge of the photo,” one person wrote.

Another person pointed to supposed panties under a pillow, writing, “looks like there’s panties under that pillow too.”

In Tyler’s defense, the supposed person could be a pillow and the panties could be a shadow or bunched-up bedding. Cameron has yet to address the comments that people are seeing a person in his bed.

Fans are still hoping Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown are dating

Even though some people are guessing that Tyler has another woman in his bed and that woman is leaving her panties behind, others are still hoping that Tyler and Hannah B will continue their relationship after this quarantine.

“Maybe this is an old picture taken while Hannah was there and he is missing Hannah,” one person guessed, while another person wrote, “he hasn’t changed the sheets – apparently he takes a long time to do that.”

Of course, someone joked that the person who could be sharing Tyler’s bed with him is the woman who showed up unexpectedly last week.

“Probably his new friend who flew in from Hawaii…” a fan wrote.

If you are out of the loop, a woman from Hawaii had shown up at Tyler’s house to join The Quarantine Crew in Jupiter, Florida.

At the time, he shared the news on Instagram Stories, revealing that it was funny.

However, the police got involved, sharing that she was a fan who was convinced she had been dating him since Valentine’s Day.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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Krista greene
Krista greene
4 years ago

People are crazy! I see none of that!

Krista greene
Krista greene
4 years ago

People are crazy with how they want to come up with negative crap!