Lauren Zima wants to know who’s been sleeping with Tyler Cameron since Hannah Brown left

Tyler Cameron from The Bachelorette
Bachelor Nation wants to know what Tyler Cameron has been up to since Hannah B left. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Last month, all eyes were on Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown as the former Bachelorette couple spent time in coronavirus quarantine together but now that she’s gone back home, many want to know if Tyler found a new friend to spend his time with while stuck at home.

That includes Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s girlfriend, Lauren Zima, who recently called Tyler out, wanting to know who has been sharing his bed.

Bachelor investigators want answers from Tyler

On Friday, Tyler Cameron shared a picture of himself and his dog snuggling in bed. It was very cute and it’s clear that he loves his pooch but that’s not all eagle-eyed Bachelor fans saw in the picture.

On the other side of Tyler was a pillow that really looked like it had been slept on.

But who could possibly be sleeping there, since Hannah Brown, who was rumored to be sharing a bed with Tyler for weeks in March, was no longer staying with him?

Lauren Zima was quick to point it out in Tyler’s bedhead selfie. She wrote, “Who slept on the other side bc that pillow is dented?”

And quickly, the responses to Lauren’s question started coming in.

Many praised Lauren for her “investigative work” and for asking Tyler what’s going on with the other side of the bed. Others suggested that maybe it was an old picture.

What happened with Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown?

Hannah Brown headed back home to Alabama at the beginning of April and didn’t even tell her Bachelorette fans until a few days after she got there. That led many to wonder if something happened with Tyler Cameron or if it was just time for her to head home.

While she was in Florida, Hannah and Tyler were super flirty. They played Spin the Bottle together and teased Bachelor Nation nonstop as rumors flew about whether they were dating or not.

And as some speculated that Hannah B. may have come between Tyler and his best friend Matt James, he has assured everyone that would never happen.

Just days ago, Tyler teased fans about another woman who he claimed was waiting to join the quarantine crew but it’s not likely that she put the dent in the pillow.

Tyler shared a video claiming that a woman was outside with a dog and two suitcases but it doesn’t sound like he knew her and it also doesn’t sound like he let her in either.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus and is expected to return later this year. 

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