Tyler Cameron wasn’t with model Ireland Borba after all: He’s rumored to be dating Camila Kendra

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron is linked to a new model. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron is a busy man and it appears that no one can keep up with what he’s doing or who he is doing it with.

Even though he’s been spending his time promoting the new season of The Bachelor because his best friend, Matt James, is the new lead, he’s been keeping a secret from the world.

Tyler may be dating someone, but he isn’t saying anything.

And that’s causing people to take photos of him when they’ve spotted him with a woman in New York City.

Tyler Cameron is rumored to be dating Camila Kendra

These photos and sightings have caused people to guess who he’s with and this week, it was widely reported that Tyler had started seeing a model by the name of Ireland Borba.

However, now E! Online is retracting that story, staying that they believe that the woman is Camila Kendra.

We already know that an eyewitness said the couple was “very giddy, laughing and holding hands during that time.”

Apparently, this was Camila the entire time – not Ireland.

“Tyler and Camila both live in Florida so they have kept in touch and made plans to see each other these last couple of months,” a source exclusively told the website, adding, “They are both into each other but it’s a stretch to say she’s his girlfriend.”

It was earlier this week that we reported that he was spotted with what everyone thought was Ireland Borba. As it turns out, it was Camila.

Tyler Cameron drove to New York City to support Matt

Tyler is active on social media, but he hasn’t shared any dating plans or any stories of anyone who could remotely be interpreted as being his girlfriend.

This past week, he traveled from Florida to New York City, driving all the way up to support his friend for The Bachelor premiere. Tyler wanted to be with Matt as he got to watch his journey back.

Tyler, Matt and Matt’s mom watched The Bachelor premiere together, as Matt shared a photo of the three of them sitting on his couch watching the show.

Matt’s mom is already a big part of the show, as she gave him words of encouragement as he was about to film the show. A big theme in their conversation had to do with his parents’ divorce and a broken family – something Matt was terrified to repeat.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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