Tyler Cameron supposedly spotted kissing Camila Kendra: Are they getting serious?

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron was spotted getting cozy with a model. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron loves to be on social media and connecting with fans, but there is one thing that he’s not talking about and that is his love life.

Whenever he’s asked about the women in his life, he’s previously said that he’s “just friends” with these women, no matter what their status.

Tyler has revealed that he’s not interested in going back on a Bachelor-related show, possibly because he doesn’t want to share his love life with everyone again.

But he was spotted this week with a model in New York City and now, people are noticing him elsewhere.

Tyler Cameron is supposedly dating model Camila Kendra

The Bachelorette fans supposedly spotted Tyler in New Hampshire with Camila Kendra and they were sharing a kiss.

“Tyler C and Camila Kendra might be getting serious,” a caption read on the story by @bachelorteaspill.

The screenshot showed a private message from a source.

“Hey, I don’t know if you post things like this but Tyler was seen with Camila Kendra and they were kissing this week in New Hampshire. Please keep anonymous,” read the message.

Tyler Cameron
Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

Earlier this week, it was reported that Tyler had been spotted with model Ireland Borba, but it turns out it was a case of mistaken identity.

For a while, fans hoped that Tyler and Hannah Brown would reconcile their relationship but it sounds like Tyler may be moving on with a model.

Tyler Cameron hasn’t said anything about his love life

These days, Tyler is playing coy with fans about what is going on with his love life. He doesn’t mind sharing stories and updates about his life in Jupiter, Florida, where he’s spending time with his brothers.

Plus, he’s sharing workout videos and cooking stories from his personal life. However, he does not show anything in regard to women in his life.

We’ve previously revealed that Tyler and Camila drove from Florida to New York City so Tyler could be with Matt James for The Bachelor premiere.

Tyler was in New York City with Matt and Matt’s mom for The Bachelor premiere Monday night, but Tyler didn’t include Camila in the photos if she was there. However, it appears that a fourth person was there, as someone took a photo of Tyler, Matt and Matt’s mom.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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