Tyler Cameron launches new YouTube channel and claims that Bachelorette fans don’t know him

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron has launched a new YouTube channel. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron is known as the Bachelorette heartthrob from Hannah Brown’s season.

She chose to turn down his engagement because she fell in love with Jed Wyatt. Bachelorette fans already know how that one played out and how she asked Tyler for a second chance during the After The Final Rose special.

Even though fans know Tyler from The Bachelorette, he’s now sharing that he’s so much more than what fans saw on Hannah’s season of the show.

And he’s determined to share more about his life.

Tyler Cameron teases that fans don’t know him at all

This week, Tyler revealed that he’s launching his own YouTube channel with the help of his friends.

The first video went live yesterday with a cute introduction aimed at his Bachelorette days.

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron says his Bachelorette fans don’t know him at all. Pic credit: @tylerjcameron3/Instagram

“I love someone else,” Hannah tells him before the camera shows Tyler rolling his eyes in disappointment and frustrations.

The video cuts to Tyler in a bubble bath.

“You think you know me?” Tyler questions, adding, “Ya’ll don’t have a clue.”

As per the trailer, Tyler is creating his YouTube channel to let people in on his life. He says he will set goals and let people follow along, show people the importance of giving back to the community, and he promises that he will share both the good and the bad in his life on the show.

He calls it, Tyler Cameron: A New Beginning.

In his first video, which went live yesterday, Tyler and his friends filmed a video where he answered questions for a good 10 minutes. The questions included everything from favorite foods to movies that make him cry. He also included questions about his future plans, his family, and even included his late mother in one of the answers.

For those who were hoping for questions about Hannah Brown, the content is limited. When his friend Brown Bear asks him about the scariest thing he’s done, he says “picking out an engagement ring.” They laugh a bit and his friend tells him that he won’t ask any more questions about that.

Tyler laughs and adds he appreciates it. It’s clear that he wants to put that failed public engagement behind him.

As for Tyler’s future, he says that he really wants to launch his construction company. And he wants to focus on his YouTube channel, so people can see a more authentic version of him.

Tyler Cameron wants fans to know him more about him

It’s clear that Tyler wants people to know that there is much more to him than just Hannah B and their Bachelorette relationship. We all know that they are good friends, but it seems like they have put the past in the past.

Bachelor Nation really wants Tyler and Hannah to get back together, but she just made some big moves herself and they don’t include Tyler.

It was this week that Hannah moved into a new apartment in Los Angeles, where she revealed she would be starting over. She was excited about this new chapter in her life – Tyler not included.

Sorry Bachelorette fans – it seems to be the end for these two.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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