Tyler Cameron isn’t ruling out a romance with Hannah Brown but admits timing isn’t right

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron reveals he would totally date Hannah Brown in the future. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron is a fan favorite in Bachelor Nation, as he captured everyone’s hearts on The Bachelorette last year.

It has been over a year since Hannah rejected him on The Bachelorette, just as he was about to propose.

The two reconnected on the After The Final Rose special, as Hannah asked him to go for drinks. But it was just days later that he was spotted with supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Tyler and Hannah reconnected in quarantine, as she went to visit him for a weekend. While there, the coronavirus shutdown occurred, and she stayed for about a month.

While fans hoped they would come out of isolation as a couple, they have both confirmed they are single.

Tyler Cameron says he would totally date Hannah Brown

Tyler recently revealed that just because they aren’t together now doesn’t mean they aren’t giving it a shot at a later date.

According to E! Online, Tyler would be more than interested in giving it a shot with Hannah when the timing is right.

“She’s someone who’s a dear friend of mine. I’m very grateful that we can have a friendship now. And that’s that, you know, but, you know, everyone just makes a big deal out of everything and that’s just how it’s going to be,” Tyler revealed, adding, “But, I’m very grateful to have her as a friend.”

He then said, “I’d say we’re friends right now. I’m not in a place where I’m ready to date anybody. So, once I get to that place, maybe one day, but right now I’m just grateful that we can be friends.”

In that same interview, Tyler revealed that he had some personal goals, including starting a construction company. He wanted to get that up and running before he starts anything else.

Tyler Cameron has previously been secretive about their relationship

Tyler had previously been secretive about what was going on between them, saying that whatever it was, it was between them.

However, he has already revealed that they bonded over going through something their first weekend together.

Hannah flew down to Florida to visit Tyler after his mother passed away from a brain aneurysm. It was later revealed that Hannah’s brother had overdosed around the same time.

He survived but spent two days on a ventilator.

Hannah has revealed she’s single and ready to mingle, so fans could be hoping for her to wait until Tyler is ready to date.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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Susan Sibbert
Susan Sibbert
2 years ago

I think she should wait for Him.

Susan Sibbert
Susan Sibbert
2 years ago