Hannah Brown says she’s single and ready to mingle — What about Tyler Cameron?

Hannah B
Hannah B reveals she’s ready to date again. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown was close to finding her final two guys on The Bachelorette a year ago. And while she believed in the process, she walked away brokenhearted.

Hannah had every intention of making it work, but when her final pick, Jed Wyatt, was caught lying about a relationship back home, Brown ended their engagement.

Brown quickly pursued Tyler Cameron, the man she sent home during the finale, but he was spotted with supermodel Gigi Hadid days later.

Then, Hannah tried to rekindle something with Peter Weber on The Bachelor, but the two ended up closing that chapter.

Now, Brown is single, but it isn’t due to a lack of trying.

Hannah Brown reveals she’s ready to date again

During quarantine, Hannah has been at home at her parents’ house in Alabama with her brother Patrick. Here, she’s had time to connect with fans in a new way.

Yesterday, Brown took to Instagram to chat with her fans in an hour-long session on Instagram Live. Here, she opened up about her love life, sharing the fact that she’s ready to get back into the dating pool.

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown shared her thoughts during a live chat. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

“You know, I definitely want to be in a relationship. I think I’m finally getting to the point where I can say that I could do that at this point in my life,” she explained to fans, who were asking her questions via the live chat.

“I think I needed a little break and I definitely took that. I’m gonna be single until it’s right. I don’t date around, really. You have to date people, but I date, like, seriously.”

Of course, fans wanted to know if she was going to date Tyler or anyone else in the Bachelor franchise. However, it sounds like Hannah is ready to look outside of the Bachelor world to find a new man.

“I am in a place where I’m ready to do that — to test the waters a little bit,” Hannah explained, pointing out, “I can date other people that are not on The Bachelor. Y’all are driving me crazy!”

What about Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron?

Of course, Bachelorette fans have wondered about Hannah and Tyler’s relationship.

For weeks, the two have grown closer as she spent time with him at his Florida home as the quarantine began. She eventually left for her family home, but not before the two got flirty on Tik Tok.

While Tyler was the first to confirm that he is single, she’s now adding that quarantine is “not the best time to try to date.”

The two were not at his home alone, as his brother and a group of friends were also there. However, the two were not shy about hiding their connection in quarantine.

In fact, Tyler joked about getting into Hannah’s pants and played a flirty game of spin-the-bottle.

Fans want them together so bad that people have sent money to Tyler, so he can buy her an engagement ring. But based on her comments, it doesn’t sound like she’s going for him.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

Hannah Brown, you go find that right man for you! I am excited to see you date again!

2 years ago

It might be wise not advertise your sex life to millions of people.