Tyler Cameron appears to be back in Florida after New York City trip with Camila Kendra

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron appears to be back in Florida. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron continues to be one of the most desired men in the Bachelor franchise, but he’s moving away from the spotlight.

This weekend, Tyler was spotted in New York City with model Camila Kendra.

The two reportedly drove together from Florida to New York City, so Tyler could support Matt James at his apartment for The Bachelor premiere.

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But it appears that Tyler is back home in Florida already.

Tyler Cameron appears to be back in Florida

We don’t know whether he left Camila in New York or if she came back with him.

This week, he shared an Instagram Story of himself skating around a neighborhood in shorts and a t-shirt.

He’s skating around with his dog Harley.

The neighborhood looks more like Florida than New York, plus it looks sunny and warm – not freezing cold and there’s no snow.

Tyler Cameron
Pic credit: @tylerjcameron3/Instagram

Tyler seems to be very selective in what he shares these days. He’s eager to promote his YouTube channel but he’s being very secretive with his new relationship.

Tyler has revealed that he has no interest in going on Bachelor In Paradise or returning to The Bachelorette. He just wants to find love on his own. The reality television spotlight was not something he enjoyed too much, especially after he was dumped by Hannah Brown right before he was going to propose to her.

Tyler Cameron could be getting serious with a new woman

Tyler hasn’t confirmed that he’s dating anyone. In fact, Camila has never made an appearance on his social media. He continues to focus on his family, his work, his workouts, and his dog.

A source came forward, saying that Tyler and Camila were reportedly spotting kissing in New Hampshire last week. Tyler didn’t share any updates from there.

Whenever he’s been linked to a new woman, he has denied the relationship or just said that he was friends with the woman.

While Bachelor Nation is hoping to get an answer as to whether Tyler has given up on Hannah, Tyler’s own actions could provide the indirect answer.

Hannah herself has met with a matchmaker and she’s looking to date too. Matt James recently revealed that he didn’t know whether Tyler and Hannah Brown had shut all doors on their relationship. He encouraged people to just ask Tyler and Hannah about the future.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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