Tyler Baltierra shares stunning photo of Catelynn, wishes her happy birthday

Tyler and Catelynn of Teen Mom
Tyler and Catelynn of Teen Mom. Pic credit: MTV

Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG posted a loving birthday tribute and a stunning photo of wife Catelynn Baltierra on Instagram.

Tyler wrote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful wife @catelynnmtv I wouldn’t trade these last 15 years for anything! I treasure each day that I get to wake up to you next to me.”

“I treasure each time when I feel your arm wrap around me in the middle of the night,” he continued. “I treasure every time when I hug you & your head nestles right in the middle of my chest so I can smell your lavender rose hair perfectly.”

“I treasure every time we just look at each other & see who smiles first. I treasure everything about you honey & I just want to thank you for bringing my life so much joy. Happy Birthday baby, I love you SO MUCH!” He concluded enthusiastically.

Tyler and Catelynn are expecting baby girl #4

The sweet sentiment comes on the heels of the couple recently announcing that they’re expecting their fourth child, a daughter, together. The duo is already parents to Carly (who they placed for adoption in 2009), Nova, and Vaeda.

Some fans recently criticized Tyler and Catelynn for choosing to air Catelynn’s urine samples for pregnancy tests on the air. In the scene, Catelynn had brought home multiple pregnancy tests and arranged them on the kitchen counter. She went into the bathroom to gather a urine sample and came back out with a Tupperware container of her urine, which she sat on the counter and used to dip the test sticks.

Tyler has come under scrutiny for a fight he had with Catelynn

Tyler also came under some heat lately for an episode that aired last month. In a scene at a local apple orchard, Tyler got a bit snippy with Catelynn over a bouncy house and whether it was closed or not.

Their voices escalated and they cursed at each other, and Nova began to cry. Many feel that Tyler overreacted and mistreated Catelynn in the clip. But it seems as though the couple has since reconciled.

Catelynn recently got certified in eyebrow microblading and is planning to open her own salon. She was featured on Teen Mom searching for rental properties.

Will Tyler be okay with a fourth daughter?

The couple also recently hinted at their new baby girl’s name, when they referred to her as “Baby Z.” Tyler has not hidden the fact that he badly wanted a son, but he and Catelynn are about to have their fourth daughter together.

Some fans speculate that although he has acted excited adding another girl to the family, he may be secretly depressed. He and Catelynn made it clear that they wanted one last baby before turning 30, and it seems they’ve gotten their wish.

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