Tyler Baltierra says he ‘won’t give up the fight’ after fearing his relationship with Carly could be taken away

Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG
Tyler shared a written piece and a striking selfie after fearing he may not see Carly anymore. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra took to social media to share another one of his written pieces and included a selfie after recently talking about about his fear that his relationship with Carly could be taken away.

Tyler and his wife, Catelynn recently talked to Dr. Drew about their relationship with their eldest daughter, Carly, whom the couple placed for adoption in 2009.

The 29-year-old husband and father revealed that he has chosen to lay low when it comes to reaching out to Carly out of fear that his attempt at communication might be misconstrued by Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa.

Tyler writes about not ‘giving up the fight’

Tyler took to Instagram to share a written piece he authored that read, “This is my life I won’t give up the fight I won’t stand down I plant my feet to the ground This is my time I won’t get left behind Now I know the world Is always working for me I don’t need anybody Telling me how to be living Because I know I can make it Through life’s dark abyss.”

“It will try to swallow me up as a victim But I stand tall, every demon I evict them Because this is my mind I won’t let it die tonight I know that I deserve to keep living No matter how hard It can be to keep breathing,” he continued.

“When crippled with anxiety Or pressure from society I’ll make sure to keep clinging To every opportunity That this life has in store for me Because quitting isn’t fitting With the fire that’s inside of me It’s dedication to progression & this is my life… So I won’t give up the fight,” adding #WritingIsHealing and #WritingIsLiberating.

During Tyler and Catelynn’s appearance on the Teen Mom OG reunion special preview, he went into detail about why he chooses to stand back when it comes to contacting Carly.

He admitted, “But I just feel like, I almost feel like whatever happens, I have to kind of, like, filter through Brandon and Teresa first because, you know, I can, I dunno, I just, I, I don’t trust what I’m gonna say I guess sometimes, which is just very difficult to navigate and to feel close within a relationship when you don’t, when you have to second guess you know, your approach and delivery all the time.”

Catelynn says their relationship with Carly could be taken away instantly

She told Dr. Drew, “It’s because, too, because in a snap of a finger they can take everything away.”

The couple of 15 years has been together since they were seventh-graders and have endured a lot as a couple. When Tyler was out of town recently, Catelynn posted that she missed her husband, and he commented with a sweet response.

Tyler is always supportive of Catelynn and isn’t afraid to praise her publicly. The couple is expecting their fourth child together, another daughter, later this year.

Although this season of Teen Mom OG has ended, fans can catch one last dose of entertainment tonight for part two of the reunion special at 8/7c on MTV.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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