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Tom Brooks is ‘off the market’: 90 Day Fiance star begs fans to stop sending ‘inappropriate messages’

Tom says he has a new love in his life
Tom Brooks shares his relationship status. Pic credit: @tombrooks_tv/Instagram

Apparently, Tom Brooks has become a hot commodity, despite his less-than-stellar portrayal on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

The 39-year-old recently shared on social media that he has been receiving inappropriate messages from fans, and he wants it to stop.

After a messy split from Darcey Silva, and a plethora of disrespectful comments about her weight, one would never guess that women would find Tom desirable.

But, it seems like some people can look past it all, and one woman, in particular, seems to have done just that because the U.K native is now reportedly in a new relationship.

He shared the good news on Instagram.

Tom talks about his love life on Instagram

In a recent post in his Instagram stories, Tom raved about his relationship.

“Happy to announce I have an amazing love in my life, I hope you can respect that I would like to keep this private, I won’t let anything ruin this shes to important to me.”

Tom Shares relationship update on IG. Pic credit: @tombrooks_tv/Instagram

The reality TV personality also made a plea to his fans saying, “If the few could stop with the inappropriate messages I would be grateful.”

And if you still haven’t taken the hint, Brooks has added the hashtag “offthemarket” in his IG message and his bio as well.

Brooks updates his bio. Pic credit:@tombrooks_tv/Instagram

Is Shannon the special woman in his life?

It doesn’t sound like Shannon is the “special woman,” according to recent reports — despite Brooks showing her off in Instagram photos, which he has since deleted.

After dumping Darcey Silva for the Canadian woman, reports are that the relationship was short-lived, and they have since broken up.

In one episode of the TLC show, Tom shared that he met Shannon in 2019 during Fashion Week.

“I then took her back to the U.K. for a few days, and then I visited her in Canada, and I hid it from Darcey.”

He continued, “I left the situation with Shannon open, but now that Darcey and I are definitely over, I can pursue something with Shannon without any guilt whatsoever.”

Was Shannon Playing Tom?

It seems Brooks may have gotten played at his own game. Shannon is reportedly engaged and has been with her fiance for four years.

Soapdirt shares some interesting information from a tipster- screenshots and all.

“Apparently, the blonde beauty is engaged to a man named Geoff. The tipster who claimed to know the couple said they’ve been together for four years now. That means she’s likely still in a relationship when her hook up with Tom Brooks took place.”

The source also supplied text messages of Tom responding to the engagement news saying, “To be fair, I don’t care, so I’d prefer not to engage.”

He added his relationship with Shannon “was just a fling.”

So who’s the new love in Tom’s life?

For now, we just don’t know and we’ll have to wait and see if he eventually reveals her to the world.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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  1. I hope whoever she is, she does him like he did Darcy, even though Darcy was fake at times & even baby but nobody deserves to b tested that way, just say ur not interested before u cheat!!

  2. Well goody for you ! She is not a glam beauty like Darcy by far ! And you well no matter what you do to yourself your always gonna be a ugly man in and out ! And I mean your looks , hair , and personality! You can’t change ugly so long dusted asshole !!!


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