Todd Chrisley to do interview ahead of reporting to prison

Todd and Chase Chrisley at a TCA event.
Chase Chrisley will interview his dad, Todd Chrisley. Pic credit: ©

Todd Chrisley has remained mostly quiet about his conviction on tax and bank fraud charges.

The Chrisley Knows Best star learned his fate just before Thanksgiving, and in a few days, he will be reporting to a Florida federal prison to begin serving his 12 years.

On his podcast, Chrisley Confessionals, Todd explained he plans to do an interview that would take place next week.

It won’t be a big media outlet getting the interview, though. It will air on Chrisley Confessionals, and Chase Christley will ask his dad hard-hitting questions.

Interestingly enough, Chase has yet to speak publicly about how what happened to his parents affected him. He’s remained out of the spotlight, with Savannah Chrisley stepping in and up.

Here’s what we know about the interview between Todd and Chase.

Chase Chrisley will interview Todd Chrisley

During the podcast, Todd Chrisley talked about how Chase Chrisley will interview him.

There will be a mix of questions, including viewer/listener questions and ones from other places. Todd promises it will be authentic, with some hard-hitting questions being thrown his way.

Todd told Chase on the podcast, “I am looking forward to that interview, not because it’s going to be a softball interview. You have said, ‘Am I allowed to ask all of the hard questions?’ And I said, ‘You can ask me anything. I am your daddy.'”

The father and son duo had banter about “uncomfortable questions,” but Todd revealed nothing would be uncomfortable because they know the truth.

What’s next for the Chrisley family?

In roughly two weeks, Todd and Julie Chrisley will report to separate Florida prisons to begin serving their sentences.

Savannah Chrisley will be taking guardianship of Grayson Chrisley and Chloe Chrisley for the next seven years. Grayson will be an adult when his mom returns home from prison, and Chloe will be on the cusp of being an adult.

They will remain in Nashville so that Chloe and Grayson maintain some normalcy. There hasn’t been a discussion about visitation and how that will work.

When will Savannah take the kids to see their parents? How often will they go?

Time will be moving while they are away in prison, and so much can happen in the years they have to serve. Julie will be out in seven, while Todd has to serve 12.

The upcoming interview will serve as the one, and only time Todd Chrisley will speak out about what’s gone on, so be sure to follow the podcast to hear what he has to say.

Chrisley Knows Best is slated to return in 2023.

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Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins
1 year ago

10m ago

Father and son whimsically banter over gay rumors as a decade long federal prison sentence looms ever closer.
Meanwhile wife Julie is in a Xanax induced fetal position over in the corner. Thank you, Todd for giving America, the worlds greatest train wreck to watch ever!
PT Barnum’s got nothing on you!