Here’s when Todd and Julie Chrisley will report to prison

Todd and Julie Chrisley on the red carpet.
Todd and Julie Chrisley will report to prison in January. Pic credit: ©

Todd and Julie Chrisley have roughly a month before they will begin serving their prison sentences.

Combined, they received 19 years as he was given 12, and she was given seven. Once their time is completed, they will each have to complete several months of probation.

When the Chrisley Knows Best couple was sentenced, they were ordered to report on January 15, 2023. Their respective prisons were also mentioned at that point, but according to newly-released paperwork from the U.S. Marshal’s Office, some of that has changed.

According to Us Weekly, Todd and Julie Chrisley must report to their respective Florida federal prisons by noon on January 17, 2023.

That is just two days later than what was said during last month’s sentencing hearing. It was likely moved due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, which is federally observed. January 15 is a Sunday, so the next best option was Tuesday, January 17.

The Chrisleys will serve their time in Florida at facilities a few hours apart.

Where will Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley spend their time?

Todd Chrisley will spend the next 12 years behind bars in a Pensacola, Florida prison. It is rumored that this prison will be more of a cushy experience than one that is cold and hard behind bars.

Julie Chrisley will be a few hours away and serve her time in Marianna, Florida. There hasn’t been much info about this prison, as the reality TV star was believed to be going to the prison where Ghislaine Maxwell is currently serving her time. That is no longer the case, though.

It’s unclear how their children will split their visitation time and how often they will travel from their Nashville, Tennessee home base to Florida.

Savannah Chrisley will become head of the family in Todd and Julie’s absence

There’s been plenty of speculation about what would happen to Grayson Chrisley and Chloe Chrisley if the judge didn’t allow Todd and Julie Chrisley to serve their sentences staggered. Despite asking for that from the sentencing judge, their request was denied.

Savannah Chrisley will take over custody of her brother and sister without her parents. She revealed that going into the sentencing hearing, she was prepared to come home without her parents.

Todd and Julie are living each day like it’s their last as they prepare for what’s ahead next month and the next decade or so of their lives.

Chrisley Knows Best will return for its final season in 2023.

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