Todd and Julie Chrisley custody battle: Chloe Chrisley’s mom wants her back

Chloe Chrisley on Chrisley Knows Best.
Chloe Chrisley may be caught in the middle of a custody battle. Pic credit: USA Network

Todd and Julie Chrisley have gone through a lot over the last year.

They were convicted of tax evasion and bank fraud earlier this year and received their sentences last month. Todd will serve 12 years in prison, and Julie will do seven.

There were concerns about what would happen to Grayson Chrisley and Chloe Chrisley with Julie and Todd in prison, but Savannah Chrisley stepped up and retained custody of her brother and niece while her parents were away.

Everything appeared to be working out, but it seems Chloe’s biological mom, Angela Johnson, wants her daughter back.

Angela and Kyle Chrisley welcomed Chloe in 2012, and following his battle with drugs and addiction in 2016, Todd and Julie retained his custodial rights were shared with Angela.

Following Kyle’s issues, Angela was arrested in 2016, which led to Chloe moving into the Chrisleys’ care full-time, where she has remained.

Angela Johnson wants Chloe Chrisley back

While speaking with TMZ, Angela Johnson revealed she is in the process of filing paperwork to bring Chloe Chrisley home.

She mentioned wanting Chloe back before Todd and Julie Chrisley’s legal issues but had trouble figuring out where to file paperwork because the couple was living between Atlanta and Tennessee.

In a video included with the article, Angela claimed she is in the process of filing the paperwork that needs to be put in so that Chloe could be with her while her grandparents are serving their prison sentences.

Chloe is 10 and will be 17 before Julie Chrisley is released from prison. And she will be 22 before Todd Chrisley is released.

Her entire life has been with the Chrisleys, so it’s unclear what will happen if Angela succeeds in getting a court date for a custody hearing.

Todd and Julie Chrisley consider Chloe Chrisley their daughter

During a recent episode of Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley, there was a discussion about Chloe Chrisley and who she is to Todd, Julie, and Savannah.

Julie reiterated that she considers herself Chloe’s mother, making Savannah Chloe’s sister, not her aunt. This has been a big debate, especially with the upcoming prison sentences.

Kyle Chrisley has since reconciled with his parents and reentered Chloe’s life.

Chloe has been a part of the family and their shows for years. Her relationship with Savannah has been endearing to watch, and it was very clear the family loved her so much.

What will happen with Chloe Chrisley and whether Angela Johnson will file the paperwork for regaining custody remains to be seen.

Chrisley Knows Best returns in 2023.

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1 year ago

Kyle should get custody over the egg donor. Chloe knows him. She can still be seeing everyone.