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TLC is kicking off an official 90 Day Fiance podcast — Here’s what we know

90 Day Fiance: The Podcast's logo
90 Day Fiance: The Podcast’s logo. Pic credit: TLC

TLC announces an official 90 Day Fiance podcast titled 90 Day Fiancé: The Podcast.

Us Weekly confirms that the podcast will launch December 1. TLC insiders named Alexa and Mike will host the podcast. They will recap 90 Day Fiance episodes, spill tea on gossip revolving around the show and interview current and past cast members from the show.

Fans will be able to listen to the podcast on Apple, Spotify and Stitcher.

TLC Vice President Cameron Curtis explains that the overwhelming fan response to the show is what prompted the network to create the podcast.

“We have continued to feed the 90 Day superfan appetite with franchise expanders, yet there was one platform left untapped, until now,” VP Curtis says in a statement obtained by the outlet. “We’re excited to bring viewers even further under the 90 Day tent, up-close and personal with our 90 Day couples as they share their international love stories in this intimate, unvarnished way.”

Colt Johnson will appear as the first guest on the podcast.

Colt’s first appearance 90 Day Fiance

Colt first appeared on 90 Day Fiance for Season 5. He is notorious for being a mama’s boy and his mother Debbie Johnson became a prominent figure on the show.

When Colt first appeared on 90 Day Fiance, he was dating Brazilian native Larissa Dos Santos Lima. The two started talking online and Colt proposed to her during their first in-person vacation to Mexico.

Larissa then moved into Debbie’s home in Las Vegas to live with Colt. The two quarreled frequently and Debbie proved to be a dividing factor in their relationship.

Their tumultuous marriage ended after Colt had her arrested for the third time.

Colt returns for spinoff series

Colt returned to the franchise for Seasons 4 and 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?. After his divorce from Larissa, he moved on to date another Brazilian woman named Jess Caroline.

The two had a seemingly nice relationship as they commuted back and forth from Las Vegas to Chicago to see each other.

However, their relationship began to crumble when Colt and Debbie visited Jess and her family in Brazil. Debbie was unhappy that Colt and Jess were moving so quickly and were already talking about marriage and babies.

Jess also found out that Colt had been texting other women including his friend Vanessa Guerra while he was with her leading her to break up with him.

At the 90 Day Fiance Tell-All Jess revealed that she moved on from Colt and has already married a new man named Brian Harvey.

Colt also admitted during the Tell-All that he had slept with Vanessa both before and after his and Jess’s relationship.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.