TLC announces final two couples on 90 Day: The Last Resort

90 Day Fiance couple Molly Hopkins an Kelly Brown screenshot
Kelly Brown and Molly Hopkins are featured on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Pic credit: TLC

TLC kept us in the dark long enough, but now the wait is finally over, as they just revealed the final two couples on 90 Day: The Last Resort.

They are husband and wife duo Kalani Fagaata and Asuelu Pulaa, along with Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown.

Now we officially have all the names of the five couples on the show — although Monsters and Critics confirmed those details months ago.

The network has been revealing the couples over the past few weeks. The first two were Big Ed Brown and his fiance Liz Woods, and Jovi Dufren and his wife, Yara Zaya.

We also know that Angela Deem and her husband, Michael llesanmi, are on the show — much to the chagrin of viewers. Now with this latest revelation, the cast is complete.

The newest installment in the 90 Day Fiance franchise will take a very different turn from the other shows that we’ve seen over the years.

This time five troubled couples will stay at a fancy resort and address their issues with the help of experts, and will either fix their relationship or call it quits for good.

Kalani and Asuela attempt to fix their marriage on 90 Day: The Last Resort

90 Day Fiance couple Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Fagaata
Kalani and Asuelu. Pic credit: TLC

The fourth couple revealed on the spinoff show is Kalani Faagata and her husband Asuelu Pulaa, whose troubled marriage was featured on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

The couple has two kids together and will make one last attempt to fix their marriage, which is in crisis and has been for quite some time.

“As they navigate their trust issues, huge revelations come to light. Trying to reconnect through therapy, can Kalani and Asuelu move past their indiscretions and find love again, not just for them but for the sake of their children?”

Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown will hash out their issues on the 90 Day Fiance spinoff

90 Day Fiance couple Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown.
Molly and Kelly. Pic credit: TLC

Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown had a great relationship when we first saw them together on 90 Day: The Single Life, but that didn’t last for very long.

The couple struggled with communication issues soon after moving in together, and they started to question their relationship.

Molly and Kelly eventually separated, and on the spinoff show, “they actively work together to try to rekindle the romance. Will this retreat give them hope of finding their love again?”

The show was filmed at the Isla Bella Beach Resort and Spa in the Florida Keys and will feature the five couples alongside a team of professionals helping to mend their relationship during their stay.

Viewers will see them address issues such as trust, jealousy, sex, and anger, and they will engage in group therapies, couples’ sessions, and other activities each week.

90 Day: The Last Resort premieres on Monday, August 14, at 9/8c on TLC.

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