Tim Smith from Moonshiners: What is his net worth?

Discovery Moonshiners star Tim Smith certainly isn't blowing his hard earned dough on shirts. Pic credit: Discovery
Discovery Moonshiners star Tim Smith certainly isn’t blowing his hard-earned dough on shirts. Pic credit: Discovery

Entrepreneur and TV star Tim Smith is an American spirits alchemist and artisan who has reached a level of fame through the Discovery series Moonshiners and Moonshiners: Master Distiller.

His popularity inspired the spinoff Moonshiners: Whiskey Business and, through this, shows how he elevated the craft of spirit making in a bold way.

His series shows how the American distillers across the country — armed with only small budgets but gifted with ingenuity and instinct — can make a profit as they turn out delicious pours.

Previously, Monsters and Critics got the exclusive that Discovery was bringing this series, Moonshiners: Whiskey Business to the network.

This series gave struggling distillers a leg up and guidance to make the business a lucrative one. We even spoke to him about this new venture in an exclusive interview too.

Who is Tim Smith?

As we have previously reported, Tim was an illegal producer of the shine, all done behind the backs of the authorities.

But did you know he is a volunteer fire chief and has income from his day job aside from all the shine and business dealings he has with the network and his core company making legal spirits?

Rhett Fleitz of The Fire Critics wrote:

Tim Smith has been the Fire Chief for Climax since 2004. He was just re-elected in November of this year. He is a mechanic, maintenance man to be exact, by trade and that is what pays the bills. He works 60 hours a week. His role at the fire department is voluntary. Tim also spent 6 years in the United States Army.

It was back in 2013 did he decide to go legit and work on creating a legal spirit and legal brand to get distributed, called Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine.

This was a tip of his hat to the Virginia town where he lives and which is featured on the show. Tim is married to wife Shelby Smith, and they have a son JT.

His business is robust and in 2017 he signed on Chuck Miller as a partner. In a Discovery video, he explained his respect for heritage and his legacy as Tim’s father is depicted on the bottle label.

The business was also designed to be handed down to his son with the hopes that someday Tim’s face may also be on the bottle in remembrance.

Tim’s successful legal business was built and designed to hand down through his family. The recipe for Tim’s spirits and shine was all handed down from his father too.

Tim Smith from Moonshiners: What is his net worth?

According to one report, Smith is worth an estimated $500,000, but we think that figure is low. Other guestimates online say it is a laughable $150,000. Others claime Tim is worth $200,000, or as much as $300,000, including receiving a reported $5,000 an episode form Discovery.

Aside from the income that he makes on the TV series and the spinoffs, his business is likely to be worth far, more not to mention any real estate holdings he may have in Virginia and beyond.

Climax spirits include a whiskey brand and the core moonshine brands too.

At the very least, if he owns land, his home, and stakes in a viable business. Plus, he is earning money from Discovery for all the spinoffs and episodes he featured in for the network. He has to be worth at least $1M or likely far more.

Moonshiners airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery

Master Distiller airs on Tuesdays, beginning March 3, at 10/9c on Discovery Channel. It will air after an all-new episode of Moonshiners at 9/8c.

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