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Tim Malcolm fires back at Geoffrey Paschel, accuses 90 Day Fiance alum of using him to get headlines

Tim Malcolm thinks Geoffrey Paschel is using him for headlines. Pic credit: TLC

The relationship between 90 Day Fiance alums Geoffrey Paschel and Tim Malcolm is definitely not a happy one.

Ex-Pillow Talkers Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim finally revealed the details behind their feud, and Geoffrey has decided to stir the pot once again, this time at Tim’s expense.

Dean and Tarik recently revealed the background of their feud

Tarik first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé when he traveled to the Philippines to meet his girlfriend Hazel for the first time. His brother Dean didn’t agree with his international love connection but took the long flight there to accompany him.

Fans loved the banter between the brothers so much that TLC brought them back for their commentary on the spin-off, Pillow Talk.

However, the cameras seemed to have had a negative effect on the friendship as the two have since cut all communication and haven’t spoken in almost two years.

Tarik says that after a normal evening of filming Pillow Talk, Dean quit the show and blocked his brother on all social media platforms. Dean’s reasoning for exiling Tarik from his life was “everybody deals with conflict, stress and just drama in different ways.”

Dean felt that Tarik was taking over his persona while Tarik feels this is just Dean being jealous of the spotlight not being on him.

Dean cleared up that he quit Pillow Talk on his own terms despite the rumors that it was his comments about Tim Malcolm that got him booted off the show.

Tim was rumored to have gotten Dean fired from Pillow Talk

In a recent interview with blogger Domenick Nati, Geoffrey said some things he probably shouldn’t have.

While on camera, Geoffrey confirmed the rumor that Tim Malcolm was the reason for Tarik’s firing from TLC.

To add fuel to the fire, Dean’s alleged comments that were rumored to have gotten him fired also came from an interview with Domenick Nati.

When Tim is brought up in conversation, Geoffrey asks Domenick Nati, “Didn’t you get somebody fired from Pillow Talk?”

“The rumor is that after Dean did an interview with me, that he got fired because I asked him about that guy Tim,” Domenick Nati replies.

Geoffrey immediately confirms the statement, “You did. You got him fired. That is the truth.” According to Geoffrey, Tim “got all upset and went and complained to TLC.”

Tim says Geoffrey is using his name to stay relevant

Tim Malcolm is a gamer and normally streams on Twitch to connect with his followers. One viewer in the comments asked, “Did you see Geoff talking about you allegedly complaining to TLC about Dean?!”

Even though it’s been a while since he had some drama in his life, he was surprised to see someone bring up an old rivalry.

On the stream, he reiterates, “I didn’t have anything to do with Dean and Tarik going off Pillow Talk. My hands were clean of that.”

Noting that Dean and Tarik cleared up the details of their feud just days ago, “I guess he didn’t read any news the last week or two cause this just happened.”

When talking about Geoffrey, Tim calls his storyline not memorable and “From what the media is saying, he’s in bad shape financially. I mean.. he’s a f****** clown. Like, he lost everything. He lost his TV gig.”

To Tim, this is Geoffrey’s attempt to stay relevant from his lack of 90 Day Fiancé fame. Reminding fans about Geoffrey’s impending court cases and his idea of selling sperm, Tim is convinced he’s seeking publicity.

Do you think this is a last-ditch effort for Geoffrey to stay relevant?

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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