90 Day Fiance: Tarik explains fallout with Dean, calls out brother for hypocrisy

Tarik and Dean on Pillow Talk.
Tarik and Dean were a fan-favorite on duo Pillow Talk. Pic Credit: TLC

Dean Hashim traveled thousands of miles to make sure his brother Tarik Myers wasn’t making a mistake with his foreign fiance.

Fans loved the two brothers, and eventually, TLC brought them on for their hilarious commentary on the 90 Day Fiance spin-off, Pillow Talk.

Then suddenly, the pillow talk stopped.

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What happened to the relationship between the brothers?

In an interview with ET, Tarik opens up on what happened with his brother.

The question read, “You claim that he [Dean] actually quit filming Pillow Talk with you due to jealousy and ego. Is there still bad blood between you two?”

Without thinking it twice, Tarik replies, “Absolutely.”

Although Dean called his brother a “father figure” on the hit show, things definitely have changed between the two.

“He tried to get them to fire me. He told them that if he couldn’t do Pillow Talk alone because he was the star, that he’d quit. So, news flash, Dean tried to get his brother fired off of Pillow Talk. Period. End of story. Now, if you don’t call that backstabbing…” Tarik revealed.

To make things worse – he didn’t even find this out through his brother. A credible source in a high position let him know what Dean was saying behind closed doors.

Dean calls his brother a hypocrite

Comparing it to the meteor that took out the dinosaurs, Tarik felt completely blindsided by the situation.

When asked if Tarik was open to reconciling, he shook his head and said no. “People say blood is thicker than water, right? But what I say is you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. And I would say ultimately, I wish him the best. I’ll never trust him again, ever.”

It was obvious that Dean wasn’t one of Hazel’s biggest fans and Tarik calls him out for even more hypocrisy after finding out Dean met a foreign girl online.

The last time we saw Dean, he was on 90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantine letting fans know about his recent cross-continental move to the Philippines.

After he met his girlfriend Rigin online, he initially traveled to visit her for 10 days but ultimately instead decided to stay long term.

Although Dean warned his brother not to trust his Filipina girlfriend and said she was a con artist, he goes and does the same exact thing.

Do you think Tarik and Dean will ever mend their relationship?

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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