Tiffany Moon says Brandi Redmond will go through personal journey on RHOD after racist video controversy

Brandi Redmond films a confessional interview for RHOD.
Brandi Redmond films a confessional interview for RHOD. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Moon reveals that viewers will continue to see costar Brandi Redmond work through the repercussions of her racist video throughout the season.

Brandi posted a video to her Instagram story during which Brandi puts on an offensive “Asian accent” and says that her eyes are “squinty” and people ask “what Asian” she is.

Tiffany addresses the video during an interview with ET.

“I have no idea where [the video] came from, [and] my being on the show has nothing to do with that video,” Tiffany notes.

She also speaks on the confrontation she has with Brandi over it and the impact that it had.

“I do address it because I think it’s important to make it sort of a teachable moment for her,” Tiffany explains. “But I think she knows that what she did was wrong and she has, I guess, repented and gone through a very personal journey, which we’ll see unfold during the season.”

She explains the importance of her speaking out on behalf of the Asian American community.

“I am just hoping that people see us, like, see the true us,” Tiffany adds. “See that we all have different backgrounds, different histories, different values, different stories, and that they see us as people who may be able to inspire them.”

Brandi’s video is addressed during the premiere

Brandi posted the video in-between seasons, but it was unsurprisingly a hot topic during the RHOD premiere.

Brandi’s best friend, Stephanie Hollman, asked Brandi if she’s nervous to meet Tiffany after the video.

Brandi confessed that she regrets recording the video and that the repercussions took a huge toll on her mental health.

Brandi admitted that she had to go to the hospital for treatment due to suicidal thoughts.

Viewers also got to hear Tiffany’s thoughts on meeting Brandi.

While D’Andra Simmons tried to reassure Tiffany that Brandi didn’t mean harm with the video, Tiffany expressed that Brandi’s video hurt people and it wasn’t ok with her.

Tiffany shares her story with Brandi

The height of the drama surrounding Brandi’s video occurred after Brandi apologized to the group for the video.

Tiffany asked Brandi if they could have a private conversation about the video.

“I would be remiss if I just sat silently,” Tiffany told Brandi. “This is my opportunity to stand up and say what you did was wrong. It hurt a lot of people’s feelings.”

Tiffany shared that even though she knew that Brandi knew she made a mistake, she wanted to share what it was like growing up Asian in America.

She revealed that after immigrating to America from China when she was six, kids would make fun of her at school for the way her eyes looked.

The RHOD premiere left viewers in suspense ending right in the middle of this confrontation.

The video will likely be a big part of the next episode and as Tiffany suggests, many more to come.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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