RHOD newcomer Tiffany Moon confronts Brandi Redmond about racist video

Tiffany Moon confronts Brandi Redmond about a racist video she had uploaded to social media.
Tiffany Moon confronts Brandi Redmond about a racist video she had uploaded to social media. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Dallas newcomer Tiffany Moon confronted costar Brandi Redmond about a racist video Brandi had posted to her Instagram story.

In the video, Brandi puts on an offensive, stereotypical accent as she explains that people always ask her what kind of Asian she is because her eyes are so squinty.

Even though Tiffany knew it wasn’t directed at her, since she wasn’t filming at the point that Brandi recorded the video, it was still personal to her.

During Stephanie Hollman’s pool party, the women listed one positive and one negative change in their lives due to the pandemic.

Brandi emotionally confessed that she had made a “mistake” with that video and apologized.

Tiffany was surprised by how emotional Brandi was and insinuated that Brandi was trying to play the victim.

Tiffany then asked Brandi if they could discuss the video privately. This is when the confrontation went down.

“I would be remiss if I just sat silently…This is my opportunity to stand up and say what you did was wrong. It hurt a lot people’s feelings.”

“It was in poor taste. You know that.”

Tiffany then went onto share her backstory about how she has been discriminated against for being Chinese.

“When I was six they put me on a plane from Beijing to New York by myself and I landed in America to meet my parents,” Tiffany revealed. “I haven’t seen them in three years. I knew not a lick of English. Not a lick.”

“I went to school and people did this thing,” Tiffany shared as she stretched her eyes out.

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How Tiffany felt about meeting Brandi

Tiffany spent the afternoon with costar and close friend D’Andra Simmons and her mother, Dee Simmons.

D’Andra asked Tiffany how she felt about meeting all of the cast members.

When Brandi’s name came up, Tiffany brought up the offensive video.

D’Andra attempted to come to Brandi’s defense and claimed that Brandi wasn’t coming from a bad place.

However, Tiffany told D’Andra she didn’t plan on letting Brandi off the hook that easily since what Brandi did hurt a lot of people.

Brandi was nervous leading up to the confrontation

Brandi confessed to Stephanie earlier on in the episode that the incident had a severe impact on her mental health.

She explained that she received a slew of hateful comments on social media and that Bravo viewers were demanding that she be “canceled.”

She admitted that she couldn’t handle the “guilt” and felt so suicidal that she had to be hospitalized.

Brandi admitted that she felt like she wasn’t worthy of living and Stephanie reassured her that wasn’t the case.

The confrontation came at the tail end of the episode and left viewers on a cliffhanger. Viewers will have to tune in next week to see how the confrontation goes down.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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