Tiffany Franco loses the respect of supporters after she live chatted with her ‘friend’ Angela Deem

Angela Deem and Tiffany Franco
Tiffany Franco lost a lot of supporters after she appeared in a very friendly Live video with controversial castmate Angela Deem. Pic credit: TLC

After Tiffany Franco had a warm and friendly conversation with controversial 90 Day Fiance cast member Angela Deem, Tiffany’s supporters lost respect for her. Angela has been deemed an abuser after her toxic behavior was highlighted on Happily Ever After, with viewers calling for TLC to #cancelangela.

The fact that Tiffany appears to be close and accepting of Angela has put her at odds with many supporters who think Tiffany’s decision to share their Instagram Live conversation was unsettling.

Many critics find it surprising that Tiffany has chosen Angela to be a close friend from the show because Tiffany’s demeanor and reactions to situations are very opposite to Angela’s.

90 Day Fiance viewers have lost respect for Tiffany Franco for being friends with Angela Deem

Tiffany did an Instagram Live video where she was doing her makeup and answering random fan questions which lasted for just over an hour. Towards the very end of the video, Angela joined for around ten minutes and was greeted warmly by Tiffany who said, “Hey girl!”

The two of them complimented each other on their makeup and went on to talk about their outfits and plans for the night.

Angela comes into the video chat after the 47-minute mark.

Tiffany lost a lot of supporters after going live with Angela, and many voiced their disdain for the friendship over Instagram.

One prolific 90 Day Fiance fan page posted a still of Angela from the chat and wrote the caption, “Well, I was a fan of Tiffany’s until now. Seriously disappointed in her. Smh.”

Another former supporter of Tiffany joined the same disappointing sentiment that Tiffany is good friends with Angela. They exclaimed, “I’ve lost all respect for Tiffany.. hanging out with Angela which is older than her mother… wonder if Scottie’s watching all the kids…”

Tiffany Franco has been at the center of more 90 Day Fiance drama recently

In a series of explosive and public Instagram story posts, Tiffany called out her husband Ronald for being emotionally abusive while sharing screen captures of the accusations Ronald made about Tiffany lying about his visa. Ronald responded to Tiffany putting him on blast by explaining himself to his critics and supporters on his own Instagram page.

The messy and intense relationship drama spelled the end of Ronald and Tiffany who are still married but now separated.

The couple is currently being featured on Happily Ever After? where it looks like they are trying to work on their relationship to keep their family together.

Viewers will have to keep watching to find out what surprising details will come out for the couple during the remaining episodes.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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Sam Spade
Sam Spade
1 year ago

Was surprised at how she disrespected his efforts to make her and kids comfortable and his efforts to get along. The money thing is a problem but really looked like he was trying and she turned out to be a real nightmare.