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Tia Booth is ‘sweating for her wedding’ and defends herself against ‘toxic diet culture’ backlash 

Tia Booth
Tia Booth is hoping to have a fit body by her wedding day. Pic credit: ABC

Tia Booth recently got engaged, which means she’s officially in wedding planning season.

Tia announced that she’s hoping to be in the best shape possible leading up to her wedding and shared her plan to accomplish her fitness goals.

However, Tia also aimed to clarify that she is not working out just for her wedding as she asked to be spared the critical comments about toxic diet culture.

Tia Booth reveals she’s ‘sweating for her wedding’ 

Now that Tia Booth and Taylor Mock are engaged, the couple has started to think about their wedding and plan for their future. 

Tia and Taylor previously answered questions about their wedding and engagement, with Tia revealing that she initially wanted to do something small, but now she wants a bigger wedding. 

Tia also wants a fit body on her wedding day, and she took to her Instagram stories to talk about it. 

Sharing a car selfie and showing off her stunning engagement ring, Tia wrote, “Also sweating for the wedding has begun if anybody else is doing the same and wants to do it together.” 

Tia Booth's Instagram story
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia Booth says, ‘every body is a wedding body’

Tia’s next post on her Instagram stories featured a lengthy message explaining what she means by sweating for the wedding and the true motivation behind her effort to get fit. 

Tia wrote, “Also before it gets completely misconstrued, I’m not working out solely for one day coming up. It just rhymes and I’d like to have a tight a** in my wedding dress.” 

Fitness was a priority for Tia even before getting engaged, as she explained that she’s worked out for almost two years because she loved “the motivation of group classes.” 

Tia continued, “So please spare me. Anytime I post anything ‘health’ food or gym related, I’m told I’m contributing to ‘’toxic diet/exercise culture.’ Every BODY is a WEDDING BODY ok!?? All of em.” 

Tia Booth's statements about fitness
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia concluded her message by saying, “Working out makes me FEEL good and not want to put my head through dry wall. I do it for ME. Do I also want abs? Sure. But if I cared that much, I wouldn’t have had Best Wok for dinner lastnight ya know.” 

Stay tuned, as fans will likely learn even more details surrounding Tia Booth and Taylor Mock’s wedding as time goes on.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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