Married at First Sight is still trending on Twitter 13 hours after the new episode aired — Here’s why

The men of Married at First Sight
Married at First Sight is still trending on Twitter, mainly because Zach and Brandon have viewers pulling their hair out. Pic credit: Lifetime

The most recent episode of Married at First Sight has the viewers talking.

Between Brandon and Zach not moving in after the honeymoon and Meka mentioning the honeymoon ultimatum, the viewers are sounding off on Twitter.

Zach and Brandon do not move in with their wives

After Brandon’s last-minute temper tantrum on the honeymoon, he disappeared once the couple returned to D.C.

After leaving the Panama resort, Brandon got on the bus with the other couples, cursed them all out, and then turned his anger on his wife.

Taylor moved into their apartment alone, lost as to what to do about her marriage. Pastor Cal showed up and listened to Taylor discuss how disrespected she felt.

The look on Pastor Cal’s face spoke volumes. He was not happy at all about the way Brandon behaved. He told Taylor as much during their discussion.

While that conversation took place, Brandon walks in with a bouquet of flowers for Taylor, like he hadn’t just cursed her out and ignored her phone calls.

Pastor Cal had a private conversation with Brandon and explained that he was out of line. Brandon said that he took full responsibility and apologized to Taylor. That was enough for Taylor because the couple seemed to get back on the right track.

Twitter wasn’t having any of that, though.

Even Jephte from Couple’s Couch has a brother for Taylor to hook up with. Actually Jephte’s brother doesn’t seem like a bad choice.

Zach also got read for filth on Twitter after not moving in with Mindy. Mindy, like Taylor, also moved into the couple’s place alone. Mindy’s friend came over and was not happy about the way Zach treated Mindy on the honeymoon.

Pastor Cal (who seems to be the only expert working this episode) goes to speak with Zach, and he literally rambled about nothing.

Pastor Cal even looked confused/bored/irritated. After being asked if he wanted to be married, Zach said yes, but then said he didn’t want to move in because he wanted to “miss” Mindy.

Mindy agreed to continue with the marriage (why no one will ever know) even if Zach lives separately. Twitter was not happy.

Hey Jephte! You got a brother for Mindy, too?

Michael cries and Meka brings up Honeymoongate, again

Pastor Cal (again, he’s earning that check this week) goes to visit with Michael and Meka. Michael discusses his mommy issues because his mom gave him up for adoption.

Meka starts talking about the honeymoon ultimatum, again. Michael bursts into tears and Twitter drags them both.

Honorable mentions: Katie, Derek, and Katie’s ex

Pastor Cal (clearly the hardest working man on Wednesday nights) went to visit with Katie and Derek. Derek feels like falling in love takes six months to a year. Katie just wants to cry about her ex … again.

Shout out to Pastor Cal, who was clearly the star of the episode.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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