The Voice’s Gwen Stefani blasted by critics for her ‘inappropriate’ outfit at Season 24 finale

the voice coach gwen stefani face shot from nbc show
Gwen Stefani’s holiday outfit on The Voice Season 24 finale wasn’t well-received by all viewers. Pic credit: NBC

Some viewers were displeased with the outfit worn by The Voice’s Gwen Stefani on the Season 24 finale.

The criticism over her look for the NBC show’s finale arrived shortly after some viewers criticized ABC’s DWTS co-host Julianne Hough for her season finale look.

The latest backlash arrives after previous criticism about another Stefani outfit and even some critics suggesting she was lipsyncing on the show during the season.

The show’s coaches performed a festive and fun holiday song during the finale.

During the performance, Stefani wore a bejeweled mini dress and fishnets.

Much of her dress was black with fringe hanging at the top and from the bottom edge. It also included creative blue, red, and green designs on the front.

Stefani paired it with sparkly black boots and shared a video clip on her official Instagram featuring her song Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

Stefani performed a holiday classic with The Voice judges

In another clip, Gwen Stefani appeared in a montage of scenes by herself and with her fellow coaches from The Voice, including John Legend, Reba McEntire, and Niall Horan.

Her holiday outfit got more screen time as Stefani’s Winter Wonderland plays over The Voice behind-the-scenes highlight video.

“It’s Christmas @nbcthevoice,” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

The group of coaches assembled for a performance of the holiday classic Winter Wonderland, which likely had more than a few fans wishing for more Christmas music from them individually or together.

“there’s no greater gift than a holiday Coach performance 🎁 ✨,” a caption said for a video post shared by Legend and The Voice on Stefani’s Instagram page.

Critics slammed Stefani’s ‘ugly’ holiday outfit on The Voice

While many fans may have thought Stefan’s latest outfit choice was stylish and fun for the holidays, others seemed strongly against the look.

One commenter brought up what they felt was a lack of clothing for The Voice coach with her holiday outfit choice, indicating they wanted a “Christmas show.”

“The voice has become a fashion show not a singing competiton. Gwen wants all the attention,” another commenter wrote.

comments on gwen stefani instagram post about holiday outfit for the voice finale
Fans pick at Gwen. Pic credit: @gwenstefani/Instagram

Several critics called Stefani’s outfit “ugly” as they reacted to her holiday look on various Instagram posts she shared.

“Who’s her stylist? She can’t make up all these ugly gowns by herself can she??!!” one commenter wrote, while another said she wears “the weirdest outfits.”

“Ugly ugly ugly. Gwen has always been on the border of hideous style,” another individual commented.

screenshot from instagram as gwen stefani critics blast her outfit from the voice season 24 finale
More fans go after Gwen. Pic credit: @gwenstefani/Instagram

While Stefani appeared in The Voice Season 24 finale, none of the talents she chose to coach reached the final. Lila Forde represented Team Legend, while Reba and Niall’s teams featured two contestants each.

Jacquie Roar and Ruby Leigh represented Team Reba. Team Niall featured Mara Justine and the Season 24 winner Huntley.

The Voice Season 25 premieres Monday, February 26, 2024, at 8/7c on NBC.

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Peggy Nickols
Peggy Nickols
2 months ago

Leave her alone. It’s television. It’s Christmas. It’s the show’s finale. Get a life!!! Lord have mercy. Happy holidays all! ❣️