The Voice star Reba McEntire’s performance of new song gets mixed reactions from fans

reba mcentire face shot from 2019 CMT Artist of the Year Red Carpet
Reba McEntire debuted her new song I Can’t on The Voice. Pic credit: © Farr/AdMedia

Reba McEntire unveiled her newest single to The Voice viewers this week.

The Grammy-winning singer debuted the song, I Can’t, during NBC’s singing competition show.

While many were impressed, others called out specific parts or aspects of her performance.

The Voice coach opened the recent episode with her performance, singing on stage in a stylish fringed black jacket with white dots.

She belted out her new single with band members scattered around the stage in front of a backdrop that included a desert landscape with cacti and rocky terrain.

I Can’t is focused on splitting up from a relationship to move on with one’s life.

Reba McEntire debuts new breakup song I Can’t

“I’ve got the thunder in my bones, I’ve got the trouble in my soul / Drowning in tears my eyes were too proud to cry / I hear you knockin’ at my door, but I can’t open it no more / Cause this heart’s half full of rain and risin’ high / Sometimes all that you can do is just survive,” Reba sings in I Can’t.

“I can’t throw you a line right now / I’m too busy tryin’ to live,” she also sings.

The singer’s performance was emotional and powerful, as the set included pyrotechnics and changing weather, with rain falling on the terrain in the background.

The Voice released a full video of the performance, which lasted over four minutes.

Her new song is not necessarily only about wallowing in the sorrow of a breakup or heartbreak but also about moving on in one’s life to survive and emerge stronger.

Reba revealed in a May 6 Instagram post that she’d perform the song on The Voice and also mentioned it would be available on everyone’s favorite streaming services.

In 2023, Reba released an acoustic album called Not That Fancy but has yet to reveal the title of another upcoming album featuring I Can’t.

How did viewers react to Reba’s new single?

In a Reddit forum about The Voice, an individual posted their thoughts on the performance and seemed to enjoy it.

“Yeah me and my whole family agreed she sounded really good,” a commenter wrote, indicating, “A lot of older singers’ voices don’t age well but hers has.”

Another commenter said they were a “non-country fan” who wasn’t “super familiar with her work.” However, they praised McEntire, saying, “She sounded amazing!”

“Reba ate at the Super Bowl and she did it again on The Voice. They don’t call her the Queen of Country for nothing!” a commenter wrote.

screenshot from reddit as reba mcentire gets praise from the voice viewers for new single
Viewers weigh in on Reba. Pic credit: @1cnadug/

Several commenters discussed aspects of Reba’s performance, including one claiming she was “lip synching.”

“I’m not mad about it. She’s a super talented woman and I love her with my whole heart, but…. Lip syncing for sure,” they commented.

After another commenter asked how they could tell, the commenter explained it was from watching “the way her mouth moves, the movement of her mouth just doesn’t look like live singing.”

“She’s not what she used to be and it shows,” another commenter wrote, suggesting that the song was “auto-tuned” in parts including the end.

screenshot of reba mcentire reactions on reddit forum about her the voice performance
Did Reba lip-sync? Pic credit: @1cnadug/

For the most part, it appears the reaction was positive for Reba’s new music, and she has another performance of the song on the way. The singer and Voice coach will host the 59th annual ACM Awards on May 16, with I Can’t likely to be part of the show.

The Voice airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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10 days ago

Reba did not lip sync! A friend of mine was at the taping of the special performance . She actually changed a word in the lyrics which you couldn’t tell unless you knew the lyrics . Reba bee seldom lip syncs. Her vocals are still fabulous. It’s a great song and the performance on the voice was incredible! She is truly a Queen !