The Voice finalist Wendy Moten updates fans on her ‘shattered’ elbow injury

Wendy Moten and Blake Shelton on The Voice
Wendy Moten and Blake Shelton on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

After performing a group song on The Voice, Wendy Moten turned to walk off and tripped over a speaker in the middle of the stage.

She fell and landed hard, causing everyone to rush to help her.

While Wendy said she was okay in an interview with Carson Daly, she ended up in the hospital, and the injuries were severe.

Wendy finished the competition with casts on both arms and finished in second place, behind season winners Girl Named Tom.

Now, Wendy is updating fans on her injuries.

The Voice’s Wendy Moten is in recovery following surgery

While Wendy Moten said she was okay after the fall, her hospital trip showed some serious injuries.

Wendy broke her elbow and wrist, referring to her elbow as being “shattered.”

She finished the competition before she went in to have surgery to fix her injuries.

Wendy spoke to People about her injury after The Voice finale.

“My elbow is jacked up,” she added. “It’s shattered. It’s no good. I have to have surgery to put metal plates and bolts and things. So I’m amazed that I was able to still keep going with that knowledge.”

Wendy also told the magazine when she would be having surgery.

“Initially I was going to have the surgery Wednesday here in Burbank, but I switched it to Nashville so that should anything go wrong, I’ll be at home, and my family is closer,” Wendy said.

“I’ve been in talks with the doctor at Vanderbilt, and they have everything. They got two dates set up for me: they got an ‘if I win’ date for surgery, and then ‘if I don’t win,’ they got a date for that surgery. I’ll be having surgery coming up in a few days or next week.”

Wendy then went in for surgery on December 17.

“The idea is to keep going,” Wendy said in the video on Instagram. “December, January, February, everything shuts down. I’ll recuperate.”

Wendy is ready to record new music after The Voice

The surgery went well, and Wendy Moten said she is recovering and ready to make music again.

“Counting the days until I have fully recovered from my elbow surgery so I can get back to work finishing recording my new music and performing live,” Wendy wrote in an IG post.

“I’ll most definitely keep you all posted and I hope there’s something in the works with @blakeshelton too !!! Fingers crossed.”

The Voice is on hiatus, and the reality competition should return to NBC in late 2022.

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