The Voice: Fans accuse competition show of being rigged to favor Blake Shelton’s team

Blake Shelton
Was the show rigged for Blake Shelton? Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Blake Shelton said goodbye to The Voice after Season 23, marking the end of an era.

Blake has been on the show since the very beginning, so his leaving is a monumental change.

The country star has also long been a fan-favorite judge on the show who has produced massive talent, but some aren’t impressed with the last season.

Several contestants were eliminated the week before the finale, leading some to think that the show might be “rigged” to have Blake leaving on a high note.

Rather than being fair, some thought that the show was just going to let Blake win for a great send-off.

As shown earlier this week, Blake didn’t win all the gold, as Niall Horan’s Gina Miles was crowned winner, so it’s hard to say whether or not the show was rigged.

The eliminations that led fans to believe The Voice was rigged

The eliminations that really struck a nerve with fans were Ryley Tate Wilson from Team Niall, Team Chance’s Ray Uriel, and Holly Brand from Team Kelly.

Ryley Tate being eliminated seemed to upset many people as they took to social media to explain why they felt the game was rigged for Blake to win.

Viewers took to social media to express their feelings, with one user writing, “The Voice is clearly rigged for Blake to win his last season.”

Others shared the same sentiment, writing, “If team Blake wins, #thevoice is rigged.”

However, one user seemed to predict what would happen: “She probably won’t win because my conspiracy theory mind thinks this season is rigged for Blake, but Gina Miles is excellent and deserves to win. She’s got my vote.”

Tweets about The Voice being rigged for Blake Shelton
Pic credit: @shesahotgirl101/ledouxnh1/manders4181/Twitter

Although Gina did win, that wasn’t enough to dissuade everyone from thinking the game was rigged.

Viewers believe The Voice is rigged regardless

While some thought the game was definitely rigged toward Blake, others were just upset thinking it was rigged in general.

One user took to Twitter and wrote, “That was rigged, Ryley Tate deserves to be in the finale.”

Another agreed with the sentiment, writing, “Welp that just confirmed that The Voice is most definitely RIGGED. Ain’t no way Gina won over D Smooth or Sorelle… not to mention Noivas in 5th? Literally the most boring two were first and second? Boooo!”

Tweets about The Voice being rigged
Pic credit: @ShelbyConnorss/PursleyZachary/Twitter

However, Gina winning convinced at least one user that the game wasn’t rigged toward Blake winning.

Do you think The Voice was rigged toward Blake, or rigged in general? Sound off in the comments!

The Voice is currently on hiatus.

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11 months ago

Grace was the better of the two, if she had won it would have been deserving even if she was team blake,