Why did Adam Levine leave The Voice?

Adam Levine in 2020
Why did Adam Levine leave The Voice? Pic credit: © Thompson/Admedia

Adam Levine returned to The Voice for this season’s finale, but it sparked questions about the Maroon 5 singer’s original departure from the show in 2019.

His departure was unexpectedly announced following the Season 16 finale, a shocking revelation for one of the show’s original coaches.

However, Adam’s departure made sense after his last three seasons had him without any competitors in the finals.

While he maintains that his experience on The Voice was great, it seems his exit came at a good time for the singer.

When he left, he thanked fans for their support and thanked NBC as well for getting him the job in the first place.

Still, some fans weren’t convinced that Adam’s departure was so cut and dry.

Adam Levine reportedly ‘very difficult’ during last tapings

One reason fans believe Adam may have left the show was due to some personal differences and frustration.

TVLine reported that in May 2019, Adam “expressed frustration” at having to be at some pre-recorded tapings since he had no artists left and didn’t want to be at the taping.

The source also reports that he was “very difficult” to work with during the taping, and the following day he and the other judges went to New York City for the NBC Upfronts, where once again, executives for NBC were reportedly not thrilled with the way Adam was acting.

There were also reports that he wasn’t happy with changes to the show, but Adam has not spoken out on these reports.

Other reports seem to believe that some infighting between the judges led to his departure, though Adam has not spoken on that either.

However, his alleged behavior isn’t the only backlash Adam faced prior to his departure.

Adam Levine’s controversial Season 15 on The Voice

Another reason some believe Adam left has to do with his controversial actions during Season 15 of the show.

Long-time viewers may remember when his two artists left in the Top 10 were on the brink of elimination.

Reagan Strange and DeAndre Nico were Adam’s only contestants left, and on the day of the Instant Save, Reagan wasn’t able to perform live.

DeAndre still performed for a chance to continue on the show but, unfortunately, was eliminated.

The controversy? Since Reagan couldn’t perform, Adam still urged viewers at home to vote for her to try to save her a spot. However, he didn’t do the same for DeAndrew, who was eliminated at the time.

Reagan won the vote and was saved momentarily, though she was eliminated the very next episode.

The Voice is currently on hiatus.

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