The Voice: Blake Shelton calls Kelly Clarkson the new Adam Levine

Kelly Clarkson with Girl Named Tom on The Voice
Kelly Clarkson with Girl Named Tom on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

For many years, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine had the best bromance on TV during their time on The Voice.

The two men were the original coaches on the show and the longest-lasting.

However, when Levine left, Blake Shelton lost his soundboard when it came to poking fun as his longtime partner.

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When Kelly Clarkson joined, she became very successful.

With her win this season with Girl Named Tom, she became the most successful coach based on seasons worked, with a 50% win percentage.

Blake Shelton talked about the season at the end and he had some words to say about Clarkson.

Blake Shelton calls Kelly Clarkson the new Adam Levine on The Voice

Blake Shelton admitted he lost something when Adam Levine left the show because he lost his sparring partner.

However, Blake said that Kelly Clarkson has fit into that role perfectly, saying she is the new Adam Levine as the “disruptor on set.”

The entire season, Blake Shelton would poke fun at Kelly Clarkson, especially when he was selling himself to country music singers, claiming Kelly wasn’t real country.

For her part, Kelly would fire back without even blinking, and she often had John Legend on her side as she was throwing insults back at Blake.

This was really on display during the blind auditions when the coaches were trying to build their teams.

Blake even joked that Kelly Clarkson was the second-worst coach in The Voice history, following only Adam Levine. She responded by winning it all.

Kelly Clarkson wins The Voice again

Kelly Clarkson won it all this year with the trio, Girl Named Tom.

Blake Shelton headed into the finals in the best shape to win, with three singers headed toward the end. By the time the finals rolled around, Blake was down to two singers (Paris Winningham and Wendy Moten).

John Legend had only one person left in Jershika Maple, Kelly Clarkson had two in Girl Named Tom and Hailey Mia, and Ariana Grande was eliminated completely.

In the end. it came down to Girl Named Tom and Wendy Moten, and the trio won it all for Kelly Clarkson.

While Blake Shelton has the most wins in The Voice history with eight, he has been around for 21 seasons, which is only a 38% win percentage.

Kelly Clarkson has only been on the show for eight seasons, which matches Blake’s wins. In those eight seasons, Kelly has won four times now, for a 50% win rating, the highest win percentage of any The Voice coach in history.

The Voice is on hiatus. Expect the next season to arrive in late 2022.

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2 years ago

Now, that he & Gwen are married I hear they are going to have a long running show in Las Vegas.
Also, no matter what the show took a dramatic change when Adam got mad & quit!!!!