The Traitors recap spoilers: How did the Big Brother and Survivor people do?

Alan Cumming The Traitors
Alan Cumming serves as the host of The Traitors Season 1. Pic credit: © Van Tine/StarMaxWorldwide

Big Brother and Survivor alums took part in a new show called The Traitors.

Streaming on Peacock, the new reality competition had 20 people competing for $250,000 in the Scottish Highlands.

The premise of the show was that among the 20 contestants, three of them (the Traitors) were working at stealing the money from the rest of the group.

For the first season that was just released, 10 of the competitors were from the world of reality television, including people from Big Brother, Survivor, Below Deck, and The Bachelor.

BB22 winner Cody Calafiore, BB13 winner Rachel Reilly and Celebrity Big Brother players Brandi Glanville and Ryan Lochte all took a shot at winning the money.

Survivor veterans Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick and Cirie Fields were also a part of the cast, with the ladies hoping that they, too, could find success in a Scottish castle.

The Traitors: Big Brother and Survivor recap

On the first episode of The Traitors, it was revealed that Cody and Cirie were two of the three Traitors. They then began to work on creating chaos in the castle in order to help them make it to the end.

The trio of Traitors were very good through the first few episodes, keeping everyone guessing about what was actually going on.

Early on, Brandi and Kate Chastain (Below Deck) started getting suspicious of the other reality people, leading to the Traitors eliminating Brandi almost immediately.

Ryan lasted a bit longer but got cut when Cirie accused Cody of having a relationship with the CBB alum outside of the game. He claimed that he didn’t, but allowed Ryan to get “murdered” in the game.

After Cody began acting suspiciously to other people in the game, Cirie rallied people to get him voted out of the game. Cody then became the first Traitor to be exposed.

For most of the season, Kate and Rachel Reilly were arguing that the other one must be a Traitor, leading to a lot of chaos at the voting meetings. It continued until Kate finally got enough people to vote out Rachel.

Later, as Stephenie started getting too close to the truth, she also got murdered by the Traitors before she could fully air out her suspicions.

Who won The Traitors?

Cirie Fields won Season 1 of The Traitors, staying under the radar of most people through the season. She worked hard to get the people out early on who may have suspected her, and it turned into a tutorial on how to play the game.

In fact, she was so good at the game, that even when she made it to the final three, the other two people were convinced that she could not possibly be a Traitor.

Breaking down how the people from Big Brother and Survivor finished the game, Brandi Glanville finished in 17th place, Ryan Lochte finished in 14th place, Cody ended up in 11th place, Rachel Reilly was eighth place, and Stephenie LaGrossa wound up in seventh place.

For future seasons of The Traitors, many players are likely to model their games on how Cirie Fields brilliantly played it.

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The Traitors Season 1 is currently streaming on Peacock.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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